Here's What Happens When You Put Non-Compatible PS4 Games In Your PS5

There are a few PS4 games that just won't work on PS5, so we became the sixth people to buy Just Deal With It! to try it out.

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Eidolon46d ago

Woah, nearly chopped his head off when ejected and burned his house down. O_O

ScootaKuH46d ago

And that wasn't because it wasn't compatible. It was because he spent actual money on Just Deal With It.

Tbh he deserved to have his PS5 taken off him by the authorities for that.

Atomicjuicer46d ago

Resident Evil zero looks AWFUL on my ps5. Hdr messed up or something. Anyone else?

Highrevz46d ago

I would assume it’s HDR causing issues, is it still always on or can you toggle it now

game looks fantastic despite its age so it’s a shame you are having issues.

SenorFartCushion46d ago

Mine too. Is it me or does the console feel rushed?

Vanfernal46d ago

The PS5 tries to apply HDR to all games it runs, even games that don't support it (like RE Zero). This usually causes the image to look weird on PS4 games that are not HDR compatible. The only workaround at the moment is to turn off the HDR on a system level when playing non HDR PS4 games. Kind of tedious but it should fix the issue.

ufo2246d ago

Thanks for the tip and I can confirm this solution worked perfectly.

JEECE46d ago

Is this game about Adam Orth?

Games1st46d ago

Nothing, just deal with it.