Xbox Game Pass: Games Leaving In March Include The Witcher 3 & More

Microsoft is removing more than four games from the Xbox Game Pass service in March 2021 including the critically acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Magog325d ago

Oof. A rental grab bag service in action, folks. Imagine going to blockbuster and instead of renting whatever you want the guy behind the counter give you a game at random. That's gamepass.

EasilyTheBest325d ago

Well you can always just go & buy the game like everyone seems to prefer doing.

Tacoboto325d ago

And at a 20% discount, which every Game on Game Pass receives.

Jericho1337325d ago

This is also how Netflix works, you know that service with 200 million subscribers?

anast325d ago

Netflix and Game Pass are the same ....

Magog325d ago

And much like Netflix the quality of their first party works is subpar.

Tacoboto325d ago

Which is why they took home the most Golden Globes this year and led with the most nominations last year?

For representing two people, neither of you seem to be knowledgeable of what you constantly whine against at all.

ScootaKuH324d ago

That makes it OK then I guess...

CobraKai324d ago

199 million. I unsubscribed cuz I pay money every month and they ain’t got crap.

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Wikkid666325d ago

LOL... yeah, imagine going to Blockbuster in 2021!? Someone is living in the past.

anast325d ago

I think it was meant to say that Game Pass is already past its expiring date. Someone might be living in a constant state of "belief".

darthv72325d ago

If you live in Bend Oregon... there is still an active Blockbuster going strong there.

RgR325d ago

You totally go to blockbuster!

In fact we were going there instead of gamestop or eb games....whichever was around at the time.

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franwex325d ago

A few decades ago I would go to blockbuster to rent something-but sometimes they were out. Then I would have to browse randomly. So the idea still applies bro.

thornintheside324d ago

and you'd end up with some straight to DVD movie you never heard of, but it had Wesley Snipes in it

green325d ago

Did you say blockbuster? Lol lol lol

gamer7804325d ago

You see what’s in stock and you play it... it might go away in a few weeks a few months or a year or more. If you haven’t finished a game and still want to play it. Just buy it on the cheap as gamers have done for decades, I don’t see why the need to hate on an additional way of consuming games.

anast325d ago

And then the guy might or might not pull the movie before you finish it.

thornintheside324d ago

or a meteor might crash into earth and kill us all, but by all means lets keep thinking of all the worst most unlikely scenarios

CYALTR324d ago

I mean, if you don't like it, just don't get it. I don't like paying full price for games, for the price of buying a few a year, I get access to a bunch of them. It works for me and apparently a lot of others as the service is growing. Just as physical movies are an option for collectors, physical games will be an option as well. And if you think you "own" anything you buy digitally, game wise, you might want to read the T&C your scroll by when you plop down your money for it.

anast324d ago

@thorn it is likely that they will pull a game before you finish it. It happened to me 3 times. This in no way means a meteor is going to wipe out humanity because of Game Pass.

@Cyaltr I don't use game pass anymore. I made this decision before your golden advice.

Jerlemar325d ago

That was a terrible attempt at insulting Game Pass. lmao nice try.

It's just like Netflix and Hulu but with games. Do those subscriptions give you a random show or movie that you have to watch? Nope.

But since you're out of touch and need to reference Blockbuster, it's the same as Blockbuster getting new inventory and getting rid of the old.

325d ago
TheRealTedCruz325d ago

People on this site will do anything to downplay Gamepass and its worth. A lot of these games are timed deals. They give you more than enough time to beat them, and then they're eventually taken off in favor of different titles.
Kind of reminds me of how I was playing Control via PS Now, just to have them remove it when I was halfway through the game.
Almost like both Sony's and Microsoft's subscription services work almost identically when talking 3rd part content.
Except, having both, PS Now and Gamepass is like night and day when it comes to the value I've gotten out of each; and if you look at the sheer disparity between subscription numbers on both, I'm far from the only one that thinks that.
The good thing is Control then came to gamepass and I actually got to beat it. Good game.

Highrevz325d ago

Imagine fearing a subscription service 👀

anast324d ago

I don't use sub services. Imagine that...

x_xavier_x325d ago (Edited 325d ago )


"Imagine going to blockbuster and instead of renting whatever you want the guy behind the counter give you a game at random"

That's not how GamePass works at all!

Blockbuster and GamePass each have a finite set of titles which are available to the customer. In each case you choose among the current inventory. There is no one from either service giving you a game/movie at random.

Before you say "GamePass removes titles", you should know that video rental stores did the same. Video rental stores that carry physical media have a very small amount of shelf space so they only stocked a fraction of older catalog titles. Unless, of course you knew of a magical Blockbuster that kept every single film ever released on home video for eternity.

GamePass also has the advantage over Blockbuster in that you pay one low monthly fee which grants access to the entire inventory and also guarantees that the advertised games are always "in stock". I can' tell you how many time I went to Blockbuster only to find out that the film I wanted was unavailable.

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Sayai jin324d ago

Try a hundred games, most really good and some AAA, first party etc. Nice spin though.

Macosan22324d ago

Oof, another bad take. You keep buying those new games at the next gen price of $59.99 & $69.99 without tax. Good luck with that money bags. Game Pass $14.99 a month. I try game, I buy game for 20% less than you did or I just beat it for $14.99 or decide I don't like it and move on. I'm done....tired of people just mouthing off without doing research on something.

aragon324d ago

Dang it I knew i should have thrown a hissy fit when they took My friend Pedro off game pass a couple months ago. Dang rip off service that gives customers no option to buy the games leaving the service. Game pass sucksss

DJStotty324d ago

"rip off service that gives customers no option to buy the games leaving the service."

Don't post false information, you just make yourself look silly.

Games that are leaving the service are offered to be purchased at a discounted price for gamepass subscribers, if you were a subscriber yourself you would know this.

thebutcher09324d ago

DJ - pretty sure that was sarcasm dude!

Tedakin324d ago

You have a year or more to play each game. Netflix and other subscription services don't keep movies forever. Every time Gamepass loses a game N4G jumps all over it.

DJStotty324d ago

Exactly, they fail to point out they have just added Dirt 5, FF 12, The falconeer, Elite Dangerous, Jurassic World Evolution + more.

But i agree, lets focus on the 5 games leaving this month, 4 of them being indies /s

alb1899324d ago

What a stupid statement.

DJStotty324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

"Imagine going to blockbuster and instead of renting whatever you want the guy behind the counter give you a game at random."

I would, but unfortunately blockbuster no longer exists....

But to add to your blockbuster point, you could only "rent" what games/movies were available, and these titles would rotate every month or so, just like gamepass does now. The only difference is gamepass is cheaper than blockbuster ever was, so......

starsi360324d ago

“Imagine going to blockbuster and instead of renting whatever you want the guy behind the counter gives you a game at random”

In what way does gamepass choose a game at random for you? There’s hundreds to choose from. I don’t think you thought this through, buster.

Zeref324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Such a dumb take lol

People who wanted to play this already did. And if they didn't they got at least 2 more weeks. If you still haven't by then you just weren't that interested in the first place. Or you can also just buy it at a discount lol.

thornintheside324d ago

how do you fire "at random"?, also you DO know that the selection a blockbuster was not "all movies ever made" right?.

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Games1st325d ago

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PC, Xbox One)
Alvastia Chronicles (PC, Xbox One)
Astrologaster (PC)
Kona (PC)

March 15

RedDevils324d ago

Look like getting a high end gaming PC is the way to go.

OptimusDK324d ago

Yes if you have 2.000 bucks - have you seen the prices on PC parts recently?

RgR323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Just got a legion laptop and have been playing gears 5 and highest settings, more or less, with about 120+ fps on indoor areas and about 70+ fps outdoor.

If I brought some settings lower that could easily hit the 100+ fps constantly.

Only paid $1 for


Nah not 2,000
A high end gaming pc that cna last you 2-3 generations is about 1,000

Especially if you have previous parts that can continue to carry over such as motherboards, hard drives, ssd, ram, psu, etc. The only really necessary part to replace tends to be the gpu and you can easily upgrade that once every 2-3 generations for about 300-500$

I know this because my desktop pc cost me less than $1000 and i got it back during the end of the 360 generation. I could still be playing current gen games on it with decent performance. 1080p of course but it is a small monitor.

Lexreborn2325d ago

Just got my series X in today, and now I have 2 years and 3 months of ultimate. Guess at some point I need to schedule my time out well between these devices.

VoiceMale325d ago

Nice bro...u said devices, am guessing u already have a ps5 as well?

Lexreborn2325d ago

Yes sir got it last week! I’m a happy guy overall!

Highrevz325d ago

My advice would be to play different genres on different consoles. Splits things up a bit

Just having gamepass alone can be overwhelming so I always download a few types of games from different genres and try things I wouldn’t normally try/buy

Lexreborn2325d ago

Good advice, I just beat miles morales yesterday (such a touching ending). And now playing Darksiders Genesis with my bud on Xbox. Going to download the medium for later while I tackle Ghost of Tsushima

Wrex369324d ago

Did you get your box on all access? I did just 4 days ago

Lexreborn2324d ago

Yes sir, I originally was going to wait a while but they ran my credit and said it was in the mail so I was like well... dope! Now I got everything and I’m perfectly set for this gen. I won’t do any revisions though like last gen unless they legit just die.

RedDevils324d ago

I'm not sure how you manage between the two, one gonna covered in dust for couples of months. Like my Switch been doing while I games on PS5 and PC.

Lexreborn2324d ago

I have 3 sons 2 of which are breaking into their gaming identities. I’m pretty sure the devices are going to have plenty of use and dust from just being here. Dust is actually a normal thing even heavily played devices accumulate

UnholyLight324d ago

Congrats on the PS5. I got lucky and was able to snag an XSX back before launch but with the PS5 it's been absolute hell on earth trying to find one. I keep missing the tweet updates for stock in Canada and by the time I see an update they sold out 10 mins prior.

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Smellsforfree325d ago

I wrote a poem about Witcher 3. It goes like this: Roses are red, violets are blue, the Witcher 3 is on sale this month, and it will be next month too.

ScootaKuH324d ago

Brought a tear to my eye. So profound

Father__Merrin325d ago

I found that on GP all I was doing is just installing loads of games to try out and not having the time to finish them. I suppose it's good to try games out and mabey subbing when a new game comes out.

DJStotty324d ago

Best thing to do, would be to download those you know about (would be definite purchases outside of gamepass), and then the other ones, try out when they are leaving the service. If you like them, either finish them within the month, or purchase at a discount store price.

Father__Merrin324d ago

The 2 that I found myself playing properly was FF8 hd and Witcher 3 then before my £1 trial finished ff8hd was on sale for £5.59 on Cdkeys and funnily enough Witcher 3 was only £3.86 for the Argentinian key on which somehow redeemed on the Microsoft worldwide redeem portal so depends. There's no way I've the time anymore like I used to to game so might not be worth it for me

DJStotty324d ago

I'm yet to try out the final fantasies but i will get round to it, there are too many games to download and try them all, i just tackle the ones that peak my interest, the others i miss out on.

JeffGUNZ324d ago

How many are you downloading? The Witcher has been there for a while.

RgR323d ago

Okay so that's a bit of a waste.
You should always play one game at a time...otherwise you won't finish any. I used to do the same as you but that was when I was like 10.

I just got gamepass for $1. But first I checked the library to see how many games it had that I wanted to play. Since there were plenty....most multiplatform but never the less games I wanted to play....i subbed. All the ones o want to download are on my wishlist and I'm currently playing gears 5. I also installed the next game I will play which is ori and will of the wisps but that's it. Once I'm done with gears 5 I will uninstall it and install the next game which will likely be The Medium. So on and so forth. Im first targeting the xbox console exclusives and then moving on to games I'd prefer to play on pc such as wasteland 3. And after that I'll move on to the longer list which includes things like the outer worlds.

This strategy helps me minimize time spent trying to find the next game to play and minimize money spent on games.

Since I'm not too familiar with gamepass once my month is up I will look to play other games on my switch while I look for another $1 gamepass offering.