Diablo 2 Resurrected Features Explored

We take a look at the new features in this Diablo 2 Resurrected Features article.

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waverider38d ago

They should have launch this last year. So many at home. This game is perfect for that. So many hours. The changes seem very good.

anast38d ago

I'm going to to get this one for sure.

DarkZane38d ago

Honestly, everyone need to get their own loot. Having shared loot and fighting against 7 other players for a legendary is a thing that need to go away.

PurpHerbison38d ago

Yeah, but I don't know. Something special about getting good loot when it isn't easy to come by. If loot gets handed out like lollipops it will take a chunk away from the sense of reward.

Kados38d ago

Shared loot creates rarity/scarcity. Giving everyone their own loot would lead to substantially higher numbers of rare items in circlulation, which would not work well with D2s trade based economy.

414gamer37d ago

A large aspect in diablo 2 is trading. Which was stolen from us in diablo 3.