8-Year-Old Gamer, Signs to Pro eSports Team 33. What does this mean for the PEGI ratings sytem?

Is the signing of an 8 year old openly mocking the video game certificate.

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BrainSyphoned43d ago

Guidelines are there for information not as firewalls. Parents made a choice in this situation (and probably signed wavers)and obviously they said the content is ok. I'd be more worried about the people looking for a kid to groom rather than the content of the games.

aaronaton43d ago

His parents must be so proud....

Tacoboto43d ago

If a parent lets their 8 year old do something like this, isn't this exactly what PEGI is designed for?

This should focus more on on its other point not mentioned in this summary - the ethics of having a child, in 2nd/3rd grade who hasn't even seen basic multiplication yet, be doing something that takes so much time away from fundamental education and development.

melons43d ago

What does this headline mean for the lengths of headlines in the future, will all headlines be this long?

lonewolf1043d ago

These are burning questions that need an answer now!