Former Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Developer Hardsuit Labs Hit With Layoffs

From GameWatcher: "Former Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 developer Hardsuit Labs has been hit with layoffs affecting its entire narrative team as well as other members.

The layoffs come after publisher Paradox Interactive announced last week that Hardsuit Labs would no longer lead development for Bloodlines 2."

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Hikoran41d ago

Clearly they dropped the ball somehow. Still looking forward to this though.

anubusgold41d ago

You cant change developers like this its going to cause a mess like duke nukem forever. I cant even think trying to use someone else's code that i cant talk too its a nightmare.

SDuck41d ago

Yeah, just look at the mess WWE 2k20 was when Yuke's left

ScootaKuH41d ago

I think Bloodlines 2 is vapourware at this point. I'd be surprised if it ever sees the light of day

TheRealTedCruz41d ago

It wasn't going to live up to the original anyway. What made the first game so good were the deep rpg elements, and the sheer amount of choice the player had within missions and how they interacted with the world.
This looked like it was going to be mostly an action game with some light rpg elements.

Eamon41d ago

This game's development is cursed. Changing whole teams is stuff of nightmares. Very low probability of an acceptable turnaround let alone living up to the first game. Such a damn shame. The original destroyed Troika, and now this has destroyed Hardsuit Labs. Biggest difference though is Troika was a dream team but Hardsuit Labs clearly wasn't good enough for the job.

It's just a damn shame. It also makes me question Paradox's decision to get rid of the lead devs on the game last year. If the fault was the development team itself, why did they go for key people from Troika and Black Isle who have been behind the creation of Bloodlines 2 for years?

SaveFerris41d ago

I hope the staff can find new employment and get back on their feet.

Aussiesummer41d ago

What they showed looked terrible anyway.