IGN: Top 10 Franchises We Want Resurrected

It's not unusual to be reflective at the end of the year. As the IGN team looks back, they realize just how many games they would've loved to see, but didn't, in 2008. People all have games that they adored playing years ago, and there are plenty of franchises that they would love to see resurrected. So, IGN came up with a list of games that they think deserve to come back. In fact, in some cases they demand it.

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BlackIceJoe3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

All these games would be great to see again. There was a rumor that Vagrant Story might get a remake on the PSP but I want a sequel more.

Plus I was talking about Tie Fighter this morning with my friends about wishing there would be a new Tie Fighter or X-Wing game. All ten games I would love to see a remake then a Sequel. So may be the Developers that have these IPs might see people want to play these games again.

ThanatosDMC3700d ago

But i all ready have Vagrant Story on my PSP. If they up the graphics and dont change jack crap from the game and keep the atmosphere of the game.... it'll be great!

Torment... i like Torment as it was. I thought it was perfect. Forgot the floating skull's name.

pain777pas3700d ago

Vagrant Story and Chrono trigger for sure the rest.........OK maybe?

INehalemEXI3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Im suprised we have not seen a next gen road rash yet. If they make another ....Cloud on his bike should be an unlockable character.

Yi-Long3700d ago

1: Turrican. Brilliant in 2D on the C64/AMiga (Ok-ish on SNES/Megadrive), I'd love to see this game get a next-gen 3D remake.
Personally, I dont care for what system it would come out, but I'm surprised Sony hasn't taken the license and used it as an anwer to Nintendo's Metroid and Microsoft's Halo.

If a 3d remake/reincarnation isnt an option, I'd love a FullHD sprite-based 2D remake.

2: Superfrog. The best Amiga platformer ever released, a lovable character, and it could be the 3D platforming sensation that Sonic never was.

3: Rallisport Challenge. This Xbox classic (well... the 2nd game in the series is the one I remember most fondly), is STILL the very best rallygame ever made. DICE used the Xbox's hardware to it's full potential, and the game still looks stunning today, with fantastic tracks and gorgeous lighting effects, which makes for a beautiful game.
Unbelievable that RS2 STILL isnt backwards compatible, but I could forgive that if I'd hear the news that DICE is working on a new RS-game.

Homicide3700d ago

Yes. Vagrant Story is an excellent RPG. My favorite one.

TheColbertinator3700d ago

Indeed.But I figured your favorite was Persona 3

Homicide3700d ago

It's up there with Nocturne.

Danja3700d ago

Vagrant is in my top 3 faves also....they need to make a PSP remake...that would be awesome..

DiabloRising3700d ago

I can't list them but I'd love to see...

Viewtiful Joe 3
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Zone of the Enders 3
Vagrant Story 2
Einhander 2
Brave Fencer Musashi 2 (NOT that PS2 one, blah)
A new Mark of Kri
Legacy of Kain
A 2D, HD sprite Castlevania sequel

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The story is too old to be commented.