VGtilt 1 on 1 with Gamesblow

This is the full interview for the podcast/aduioblog thing... slightly edited at Games Blow's request. We are deeply sorry for the trouble and all the hassle of this but we are back on track and we will be updating 100% full time tomorrow. We are working on new podcast for next week and will ensure this doesn't happen again.
-We talk about Tears "FOR" Blood out of the Gate.
-We talk about all his predictions he's made. Both right and wrong.
-We talk about Eightdays and the Getaway.
-We talk about Sony's 09 and 10' years coming up and what to expect.
-We talk about PSN Connected.
-We talk about poor sales of the Ps3 over the holidays
-We talk about his website and if he'll ever go back to it or better yet... come here and be a contributor. ha!
We talk about Unearthed and how much more important it would be now than ever before for Sony.

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TOO PAWNED3701d ago

GOW 3 not coming in 09 sucks but that was expected i guess.
New Syphon Filter could be cool, first two games were great.
Just listen to podcast, it is really good.

Jamegohanssj53701d ago

I'm still crossing my fingers for an 09' release.


TheHater3701d ago

I have to agree. I am listen to it right now. I just hope this site don't turn into the bitbag with all their fanboy BS

Cajun Chicken3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I'm hyped. I am really hyped.

EDIT: So I guess I'm not ALLOWED to be excited by future prospects?

ThatCanadianGuy3701d ago

It's the disagree monster..he gets loose from time to time :P

ultimolu3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Siligon talking with himself...?

Lol, lol, j/k.

Good talk guys.

I was hoping for God of War III for next year but if it's 2010, then so be it. I still hope it'll be Christmas 09' though.

ThatCanadianGuy3701d ago

Yeah shame about GOW3.But that just means they have more time to perfect it,which is good i suppose.I'm more excited about those 5 un-announced RPG's coming in 09...that should be exciting.

Legend of dragoon 2 will be downright amazing!

Galvanise3701d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2? Dark Cloud 3?