The Final Fantasy XIV Community May Be The Best In Gaming

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) will be eight years old come this August, and the community cannot be any more active if they tried. With A Realm Reborn being the game’s initial starting point, it is easy to see why fans adored the game right out the gate, even with its uneven padding and dialogue-heavy fetch quests and cutscenes. A Realm Reborn does an exceptional job at setting the stakes and making you care about your character and job, as well as the plethora of characters you meet throughout your journey.

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Furesis41d ago

I mean the game is rather easy and it's content is mostly PvE related so salt levels rarely go high. Yes the people are very nice from my experience(which most people are anyways). In other words he had a good time playing FF XIV
(i did too). Imagine if this game had world PvP lol. This game is very player friendly.