PCF Stresses Outriders Not Games as a Service, Admits They Were "Tempted" But It Made the Game Worse

People Can Fly has reiterated that Outriders isn't a GaaS or live services game, though they admit they were tempted, but it just made the game worse. Also adds that if the player base is there, they are willing to make more content.

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excaliburps46d ago

Yeah. I just hope they have post-release stuff planned outside of Expeditions. :)

Timzster46d ago

Glad they went this route too.

Magic_Spatula46d ago

Enjoyed what I played of the demo. My only real issue with it right now is the constant crashing when trying to play mulitplayer. I can play solo just fine but as soon as I try to play with friends or randoms, the game runs fine for a bit then randomly freezes and crashes. Hope that gets fixed on release.

Relientk7746d ago

Games as a service making a game worse

Imagine that

gamesftw25046d ago

At least some companies are learning it.

Hellcat202046d ago

They were tempted till they seen what happened to Avengers

Hence the delays

Aussiesummer46d ago

This is one ugly game, the derby characters and blandness of it all, like they didn't even try.

boing146d ago

But it has all the tropes of a GaaS game. Why doing it this way then?

--Onilink--46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Which tropes? I dont see any battle passes, seasons, mini (or any for that matter) expansions planned etc

What exactly is a GaaS game to you?

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