Outriders Shows Promise

Zahi AR. from Link Cable Gaming writes "Welcome back Link Cable Gaming fans, to today’s preview of Square Enix’s Outriders. Just released as a demo on console and PC, Outriders is a third – perspective looter shooter. The demo gives just the right variety of content and gameplay to keep players intrigued but waiting in anticipation. Outriders definitely shows promise, but hopefully, this demo will help iron out the bugs."

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Zahiar43d ago

You know, I think its.. meant to be that way?
Like, I don't think it's meant to be a traditional live service game where it goes on forever. More like, you have a hub world with x amount of missions and that's it.

F0XH0UND92243d ago

Go play fortnite and leave us alone lol

Knightofelemia43d ago

I have the demo on Xbox I will just run it and see if I like it or avoid it.

waverider43d ago

Hope the demo was old. Needs lot of work. got problems with the cover system, cutscenes, to much motion blurrrrr, graphics are way plastic, the problem of unreal engine. colour pallette,, guns impact..

Zahiar42d ago

I thought so too, the world was just so... blah and bland. Even the more color pallette rich areas were just all grey or tan or green.

Kilua43d ago

Looks like a poor man's gears of war

djl348542d ago

No, a poor man's gears of war would be better than outriders.

Darkborn43d ago

It felt like a good ps3 game. Idk why but it just felt so uninspired to me and old feeling.

Zahiar42d ago

Like, the concept of the game's setting is interesting. But everything around it feels blah?

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