Marvel's Avengers Custom HARM Rooms Incoming, Trailer Leaked

Marvel's avengers custom harm rooms are incoming and the trailer has leaked ahead of release! It showcases what can be customized and loads of enemies.

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thesoftware73043d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I want it for Console!

What we really need is high lvl multiplayer gauntlets and better more Exotics.

excaliburps43d ago

Check article. It is coming to consoles.

thesoftware73042d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Oh, I see it now.

Me and my brother will have fun with this for sure.

Michiel198943d ago

is this the new newest low? getting paid to make dlc by a sponsor now to promote their products?

Lennoxb6342d ago

Um... Ever heard of Nvidia?

Darkborn43d ago

They still need proper endgame and matchmaking that isn't broken or this game will never be successful. They literally have the best bosses ever made in comics that they could easily adapt this game if they tried to and it would be awesome.