PS3Bloggen Killzone 2 preview

The editor writes:-

"The fighting feel even more alive when you realize that most of the protection which is geographically can be delayed or blown apart, with beautiful explosions of mortar and träplankor as a result. This shows developers that the game's physics that it is not to play with. To see a grenade rip off a metal wall and throw it across half the room, and three enemy soldiers thrown into the walls and cabinets are clearly impressive, and it almost never want to take the game to end. "

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alexM3698d ago

Just about everybody

GG will have to fix some minor things to make this the best fps ever

acedoh3698d ago

To really take advantage of the Earth shattering explosions that will look like your really in battle. I don't think words can fairly describe how amazing of a game this will be. As COD4 really created a lot of new expectations, Killzone 2 will set a bar so high most will have a hard time coming close.

trancefreak3698d ago

those pics are sweet cant wait

WIIIS13698d ago

Hey Nasim, if you wanna spam me with PMs about how Borezone 2 will not flop, at least have the balls not to block me from replying...

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alexM3698d ago

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WIIIS13698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

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Kush_Reaper3698d ago

It's a floodzone lol. I'm expecting the whole media to be filled with killzone 2 news.