Let's Rank All The Legend of Zelda Games, From Worst to First

It's the Press X to Podcast edition of the total Zelda rankings! From the NES to the Nintendo Switch, here's where we placed every game in the Legend of Zelda franchise!

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NecrumOddBoy43d ago

I cannot understand why BOTW is in the top 5 of any Zelda list. It's not a good "Zelda" game and would never even be on anyone's radar if it wasn't for the name (it would have gotten Immortals Pheonix Rising scores).

zacfoldor42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I highly disagree. I know that some people didn't enjoy it, but many people did love it as well. For me, the exploration in the overworld was the best part.

Truth is, any giant game of this level creates a large enough userbase where a certain percentage of that userbase is going to be long term fans and absolutely despise it. What is not legitimate is trying to marginalize the vast amount of users who do love this game by pretending that the people who dislike it are a bigger part of that percentage than they actually are.

Based on sales, reviews, and even community reception(imo) or any other quality-telling metric I can even think of, the game ranks well. I would be surprised if BOTW wasn't in a legitimate top 5 zelda list put out by any major website. Very surprised.

As for comparing it to Immortals: Phoenix Rising in quality, I'm not going to flame that game, but lol, no. When one gets in a bubble one can only hear an echo.

franwex42d ago

The definition of “Zelda” is not set in stone. There’s “Zelda” games that don’t even have Zelda in them.

BOTW is a good adventure game. Not the best Zelda, but it’s not a bad game.

-Foxtrot42d ago

Thing is no one really says it's a bad game in general, it's just a really bad overrated Zelda game.

I can't think of anyone who's said "Oh BotW? Yeah it's a terrible game in general"

It's like a solid 7/10, not "OMFG GAME CHANGER, BEST GAME OF ALL TIME"

badz14942d ago

if it's a Zelda game without Zelda in it, then it shouldn't even be called as Zelda, right? that's just milking

franwex42d ago


Milking? What? Nintendo would NEVER milk their beloved franchise like that.

septemberindecember42d ago


This claim is simply unfounded. There have been Zelda branded games with middling reviews (Hyrule Warriors, Triforce Heroes, etc). Even traditional Zelda titles haven't received the praise that BotW did. BotW is able to stand on it's own as a great game.

Epicor42d ago

What 5 Zelda games you would list above BOTW? Honestly I guess it's all opinions but I cannot understand why BOTW wouldn't be top 5. It's an amazing game on it's own. Some Zelda purists love to hate it because it is missing some classic Zelda elements. But imo it's an amazing game on it's own even without considering it as a Zelda game and a better game overall than Immortals (which is a great game too).

NecrumOddBoy41d ago

“Missing some...”

I’m not a purist by any means but my biggest issue is that it’s missing almost everything that makes a Zelda game. Breath of the wild is not a bad game at all just as a Zelda title it’s really lacking a lot of critical things that I think should’ve been in it. It’s an open world with physics and everything that you do is just mini games for points to upgrade either your stamina or your health. There are new special weapons, nothing about the tri-force, nothing that really brings to the lore of the world, no dungeons in the same Ganon enemy four times. It literally has a great world that you can interact with it but there’s nothing there that is truly tangible for this universe. I think if it had actual dungeons then it wouldn’t bother me so much. There is an open world progression system that Zelda games have and this game just didn’t have it. I think one of the other big areas that I thought was kind of disappointing was that a game of this scale that is completely focused on exploration and discovery was treated like a carrot on a stick because there was never a satisfying ending to going anywhere or doing anything.

Also my favorite Zelda games are linked to the past, whine waker, the original on Nintendo, and I just really enjoy the Zelda hand held games.

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leahcim43d ago

For me;
worst: all are good.(even zelda II)
best: Majoras Mask

TheRealTedCruz42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Exactly where I sit as well.
Two wasn't even bad. It just wasn't great. I had some fun with it back in the GBA days when I was a kid.

got_dam42d ago

Botw is a decent starting point for a more free-form zelda. It's far from top 5. I would appreciate it a lot more if there was at least some of the classic zelda tropes. Special items would be great. Even just empty bottles. Something. There is very little connecting it to the series besides the name and some imagery. I would say I like botw, but it is really more of a proof of concept, IMO.

Unknown_Gamer579442d ago

The Oracle games are quite underrated, but I loved them when I played them on the 3DS (RIP VC). OoT is still my favourite though. Maybe it's a case of the first cut being the deepest, but it's the Zelda game I've come back to a few times. That said, there aren't any games in the series I'd consider bad, at least among those I've played (I'll be the first to admit, I haven't played every single one, though I'd love to one day). Heck, I actually enjoyed Phantom Hourglass.

got_dam42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Right there with you on OoT. I actually like Majora more, but I prefer ocarina if that makes any sense at all haha. It came at just the right time in my life to make a huge impact on my young mind. The shop music is basically an A-Bomb of nostalgia.

jamesclark199142d ago

When Majora's Mask isn't in the top 5 but Breath of the Wild is you know it's a s**t article.

demonseye42d ago

you know its a shit article when James Paley wrote it

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