Loot Ninja Review: Brain Challenge

Loot Ninja writes: "First Impression: Boring

Second, and third, impression: Intriguing

First off I apparently use 9 percent of my brain, while Matt and my sister only use 8 percent, so ipso facto I'm more intelligent than Matt Banks and my sister.

Now to the game– Brain Challenge by Gameloft, a 1000 point Wii Ware download. It's fun, and definitely a great game for a large group of people who might want to embarrass themselves in front of friends (if only they had to spell words and do math problems). Playing this game by yourself is not only slightly depressing, but rather boring."

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MIA3700d ago

This was actually on my Xmas list. Agreed, this is fun to play with family or friends. Who will get the "Im smart" bragging rights for the night!