Outriders Demo Runs at a Higher Resolution On XSX But Has Better Performance On PS5

Outriders has a demo that is available to play now on all platforms. This demo also gives a glimpse at the performance of the final game.

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Lexreborn240d ago

Looking forward to a second analysis but Was playing this weekend with my friends. Me and one bud were on PS5 and he was on Series S. He was complaining a lot about the performance and I was feeling bad because I just didn't have any( I had other bugs that were more alarming where the game would just randomly open my menu in the middle of a fire fight and online the game had some form of rollback where I would launch a power dunk and the game would lock up).

All in all the game is fun, very familiar in terms of past games like destiny meets gears and has a three way with borderlands. And being a demo I really hope they have plans to fix this before April 1st, and I will get the game.

Jin_Sakai40d ago

I’d always choose performance over resolution.

Eonjay39d ago

I don't understand why they don't just make the X version so that it performs better instead of pushing for resolution.

UnSelf40d ago

3 console generations later and games still play like Gears of War instead of Eight Days.

gravedigger40d ago

Texture filtering is better on PS5 compared to XSX.

xsx - Highest pixel count- 3456*1944 = 6.71 million pixels
Lowest pixel count- 2261*1272 = 2.87 million pixels
ps5 - Highest Pixel Count- 3008×1692 = 5.08 million pixels
Lowest Pixel Count- 2112*1188 = 2.50 million pixels

6.71/5.08 = 32%
2.87/2.50 = 14%

Also XSX version has bigger resolution spikes than PS5.

BrettAwesome40d ago

I just love when people disagree with facts 😂

39d ago
aragon40d ago

Sad that folks are fighting over a demo lol. Series x drops frames even when there’s nothing happening. Literally just walking and it’s dropping frames . Suppen ain’t right 😂

LucasRuinedChildhood40d ago

They really need to lower the resolution on the Series X. I imagine that would clean up the framerate since it's not that far off 60

Lexreborn240d ago

I could easily see the same resolution range ps5 has given to the Series X. And they would be on par. I would assume if PS5 had the same range as series x that it would have the same performance issues as well.

The series S needs to be locked to 30 FPS at 1440p and 900p 60fps as an option. Because consistent drops of 15 frames is unacceptable.

DJStotty39d ago

"They really need to lower the resolution on the Series X. I imagine that would clean up the framerate since it's not that far off 60"

No, they just need to optimize a bit more, iron out any bugs causing frame drops, and have it at 4K @ 60fps.

rdgneoz340d ago

It's a demo, not a beta. This is representative of the final product (it is the prologue and first chapter of the game). Hopefully it gets fixed before release in a month. On PC, it looks and runs nicely. 30 fps lock on cutscenes is getting removed at launch luckily.

Sonyslave340d ago

It a demo bruh it going to be fine.

gamer780440d ago

Demos can actually be older than betas, depending on when they do their slice. Everything gets a day one patch these days so atleast wait til launch

DJStotty39d ago

"Series x drops frames even when there’s nothing happening. Literally just walking and it’s dropping frames . Suppen ain’t right"

Most probably a bug that will be patched at launch, after all this is a demo.....

MazeRunner40d ago

The issues on Series X has been acknowledged by People Can Fly and will be fixed for the final product

Binarycode40d ago

Yes the rez will be dropped to match PS5.

DJStotty39d ago

Like i said above, frame drops are most likely the result of needing more optimization or a bug.

Binarycode35d ago

PS5 has higher gpixel throughput.

142.6 vs 116 .

Series x needs to drop it's rez.

It's also the reason series x looks worse in dirt 5. It needs help with vrs to keep up.

Pricey40d ago

Digital foundry will just say it's ok because of vrr. And pretend loads of people have a compatible TV. Reckon they might even claim it as a victory in their clickbait title

--Onilink--40d ago

They will say *If* you have VRR, because that is the entire point of VRR. Just as they have said it in their videos before.

And when PS5 gets the VRR update, I’m sure they will say it too, because VRR will work the same way there

Eonjay39d ago

Right but like 1% of people have VRR so they need to stop falling back on that because it is a disservice to most of the base.

--Onilink--39d ago

Its a new feature in the consoles and more and more new TVs are including it, not to mention most gaming monitors already have it.

Pretending it doesnt exist because not everyone has it is dumb as hell. If anything, explaining in their videos the benefits of VRR will help people be better informed whenever they change their TV

And how exactly is it a “disservice” ? They are giving out the exact same information as before, but also mentioning that if you have/get a VRR display, then you wont have those issues.

VanDamme39d ago

Just a side-note, the LG CX TV’s VRR range is 40-120hz. So once FPS dips below 40, it won’t help (scenes locked at 30 would be OK, but let’s hope they get rid of those).

Destiny108040d ago

the xbox versions are an absolute joke

what a terrible experience for a demo, but im sure all will be fine for the final game

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