Report: DOOM Eternal Makes Over $450 Million in Revenue in First 9 Months of Release

In just nine months from release, the DOOM Eternal revenue managed to break over $450 million and this was done without loot boxes, even.

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BattleCat45d ago

Uhhhh Bethesda needs microsoft uh-huh :)

VenomUK45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

It sounds like Microsoft has got a bargain that will pay for itself in no time.

LucasRuinedChildhood45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Revenue isn't profit. The studio's profit's will be lower when less Xbox users are buying their games and will be even worse if future games are exclusive.

It will take a long time to earn back that money if ever which MS knew - it's a long term have Day 1 content on Game Pass.

fei-hung44d ago

Not sure about bargain, but I would it hard to believe that Doom didn't turn a profit. We know it sold 3 million copies in a month which is £150million revenue.

What we don't know is net profit which is ultimately what matters. How did it cost to make, market and post launch work costs minus tax.

iwlwce44d ago

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CaptainHenry91645d ago (Edited 45d ago )

450 million, that's because it's a multiplatform game that's popular. I would like to see when the next Doom releases on Xbox and Windows 10 exclusively will it still make 450 million while on gamepass 🤔

DiRtY45d ago

Will it sell Xbox consoles? Probably a few.
Will it sell GamePass subscriptions? A lot.

SenorFartCushion45d ago

I doubt it will even be exclusive.

DEEHULK8845d ago

You will still be able to purchase it, so I don't see the problem and most of that is from DLC. Most of that is coming from PC which has a base that is a Hellava lot bigger than Playstation. So Bethesda games really don't need Playstation because they have a popular PC base

Darkborn45d ago

And it's free on game pass. Might never pass 100 million in revenue then.

343_Guilty_Spark45d ago

Pc Has over 700 million users

PS brand maybe 150 million

DiRtY44d ago

Are Darkborn and CaptainHenry trying to convince me that Microsoft would not like me to play doom on GamePass or are they seriously worried that GamePass might not be profitable for Microsoft right now?!

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SamPao45d ago

that is really impressive

Dragonborn1234545d ago

Shame they will make a lot less with gamepass when doom 3 comes along. they can always add microtransactions ofcourse.

TheRealTedCruz45d ago

People keep claiming gamepass is cutting all this money away from releases, though all these giant companies seem to love going for said gamepass deals.
All these giant multinationals must love just throwing away money or something.

As for Id, I don't know, if I was a game developer, I'd like the security of being backed by a company that could basically write a blank check for my development.

jukins45d ago

What "giant" company exactly has been so "in love" with gamepass?

LucasRuinedChildhood45d ago

MS is paying a large amount of money to get those games on their service AFTER they've already made most of the money that they ever will on the platform. It's free profit.

Doom 3 will be a Day 1 release on Game Pass which is a completely different situation. Anyone who has Game Pass is extremely unlikely to buy it as they know it will never leave the service, so it would objectively hurt sales. The sales revenue will be lower. It's fairly straightforward.

TheRealTedCruz45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


Sega just came out and publicly stated how appreciative they are for their dealings with MS and finding their titles on the gamepass service.
Maybe you should just address the point of my post, which was me saying that despite, apparently, featuring your games on gamepass highly devaluing the titles, themselves, somehow, these companies keep consistently making said deals with MS.
Companies. You know, those things that exist purely to make profit?

If gamepass wasn't beneficial to MS, they wouldn't be so invested in it. If gamepass wasn't beneficial to 3rd party publishers/devs, they wouldn't be contributing to it.
That's just me using basic logic though lol, so what do I know?

Darkborn45d ago

It's different when Microsoft is paying them 100 million or whatever just to release it on game pass and when Microsoft has to just give away their games they produce. Its like building a house and then selling it for 10 dollars, or selling it for market value. Which is more profitable? It's a no brainer.

DEEHULK8845d ago

Your logic is flawed because you can still buy the game and most of revenue comes from DLC which you have to buy even if the game is on gamepass. Jesus you guys have no idea about what you are talking about. Just sounds silly

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DiRtY45d ago

You make it sound like Microsoft doesn’t want you to play on GamePass...

excaliburps45d ago

Indeed which makes this even more impressive.

Timzster45d ago

Definitely an impressive feat by Bethesda. Here's looking forward to next big score.

blackblades45d ago

Basically shows loot boxes is bull sh... Some devs say loot boxes was necessary na it was just greed or they wasnt confidant that the game would do good.

monkey60245d ago

Makes a good argument for keeping Bethesda titles multiplatform them. Well here's hoping anyway

RazzerRedux45d ago

Good point. Would love to know how much of that revenue came from PS4.

Atticus_finch45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Probably easily between 30 to 40 percent.
If this games become exclusives to day 1 GP you better believe the game will be shorter with MP and MT.

DEEHULK8845d ago

Didn't you see the press release when Doom Eternal came out? PC had most of the sales, so won't really change anything when it's not on Playstation anymore. Also, that argument could be used for any game that exclusives including Spiderman, Mario, etc. Open it up and it would have access to more people, but PC is the biggest base of all and Bethesda's games will be there.

HyperMoused45d ago

MS is in the business of making money, im sure they will keep things Multi plat

Tedakin45d ago

They're in the business of getting you to sign up to Gamepass. Putting it on PS5 goes 100% against that goal.

343_Guilty_Spark45d ago

Yes making money and bringing value to their brand

DOMination-44d ago

Well in that case, lets ban all exclusives as there's seemingly no point.. oh wait.. tying them down to your ecosystem is actually more profitable in the longrun

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