Nintendo Isn't Backing Down On Its Decision To Pull Mario Products From Stores This Month

From Nintendo Life: "Today sees the beginning of March, which sadly means that a number of Mario products will soon be pulled out of stores and will no longer be manufactured.

In case you missed the news, on 31st March 2021, Nintendo plans to stop selling Super Mario 3D All-Stars, both physically and digitally; Super Mario Bros. 35's getting booted off the Switch eShop; the new Super Mario Game & Watch system will no longer be available to buy; and Super Mario Maker's having its online services shut down. Oh, and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light is being sacrificed, too."

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Terry_B938d ago

Well, there is always emulation

camel_toad937d ago

Or a re-release 10 years from now for the exact same price.

ScootaKuH937d ago

I mean is probably more accurate

Neonridr938d ago

I mean there's still Super Mario Maker 2. Gotta move on to the newer version eventually I guess.

CobraKai938d ago

I guess that’s why they’re pulling 3D All Stars cuz didn’t they just release that? Also, I didn’t even know Super Mario 35 was a thing.

Neonridr938d ago

well super mario 35 isn't exactly a full-fledged experience. Just something included with your online membership. I wasn't talking about 3D all stars though, I was simply saying that it makes sense to shut down Mario Maker, when they have a sequel out.

iwlwce937d ago

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Sciurus_vulgaris938d ago

What is the point of pulling non-licensed titles from stores, despite greed ?

SullysCigar937d ago

Hey, Nintendo, NEVER go full greedtard.

Sciurus_vulgaris937d ago

Nintendo is the greediest console manufacturer. Microsoft and Sony would not get away with avoiding game price drops and charging $60 for ports with minimal [or no true] visual enhancements. No Nintendo is pulling a “Disney vault” strategy on games that can be sold digitally.

LoveSpuds937d ago

Nintendo aren't 'getting away with it' either, plenty of negative press surrounding these kinds of moves.

I happen to think Sony and MS would get the same response from consumers too. Let's imagine Sony announced the next God of War would only be on sale for 1 year before becoming unavailable. There would be the same frustration expressed in media and from consumers, but would it affect sales of the game, would people refuse to buy it?; Absolutely no chance, the game would fly off the shelves!

Vanfernal938d ago

There's no justifiable reason to pull a digital game out of the store except for forcing people to buy it out of fear of missing out. It's a clear anti consumer move, yet you point this out and some people blow a fuse.

Muzikguy938d ago

Of all the "benefits" of digital, this is one of the biggest of all. Digital games should never go away

Amplitude938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

It's the opposite though.

If a game is printed physically it is here for good. Digital will always go away at some point

But yeah pulling 3D All Stars from the store is hilariously ridiculous

Neonridr937d ago

hey man, I'm a Nintendo supporter and I don't agree with this. This game would continue to sell, why take it away?

Vanfernal937d ago

That's a good thing. You can be a fan of any company and at the same time call them out when they do something that's not in the consumer's best interest. Yet the reason companies can get away with bad practices is because of apologists who justify their behavior. And this is not targeted at Nintendo. All fanboys who defend corporations no matter what are part of the problem.

JackBNimble937d ago

That's exactly what this is, forcing sales of these games to people afraid of missing out.

Does this also mean if you bought digitally that redownloading these will be impossible?

Applejack937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

That shouldn’t be the case since delisted games are still able to be downloaded on PlayStation and Xbox. I would imagine Nintendo would do the same but what they’re doing is still wrong imo.

Vanfernal937d ago

You would still have access to your digital purchase. But if you missed out on buying it you won't have another chance. Switch sales have been booming this year. There's new people getting the system every day. With that said starting next month if you got a brand new Switch and want to play Mario 64 on it, guess what? You missed out. That is no longer a possibility unless you buy a physical copy which I imagine will go up in price drastically. All because Nintendo decided to flip an off switch on the digital sales.

Duke19938d ago

Ah yes, just what the switch needs - less games!


Unknown_Gamer5794937d ago

Who buys a game system to play games? Oh wait...

937d ago