Monster Hunter Rise Looks Better Everyday And I Need It Now! // WellPlayed

After being treated to a hands-off preview, Jordan from WellPlayed is now even more excited for Monster Hunter Rise.

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Terry_B450d ago

And it will look a ton better in around a year on PC :)

Neonridr450d ago

everything looks better on PC if you have the hardware.

Neonridr449d ago

@Terry_B - I have an 8700K + 3080, along with a PS5. Any game on both runs and looks better on my PC.

please enlighten me.

449d ago
Terry_B449d ago

Play..lets say Discworld ..ps1 version via emulator on matter how good your rig is..the game wont look better on PC than on console ;)

another more recent example would be Guilty Gear Strive or basically every 2d fighting game of the last years

Neonridr448d ago

@Terry_B - ok, emulation wise sure. I was just more or less referring to any game that releases on console along with PC.

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BlackDoomAx448d ago

He's not only talking about the graphics, he talks about the game in general. Plus, comparing the switch to a Pc? Really? xD