GamesRadar: Ninja Blade Preview

GamesRadar writes: "Take two parts Ninja Gaiden, lame leather fetish and all, garnish with lashings of Devil May Cry, leave to fester until early 2009, and you have the latest action title from Japanese developers From Software, the familiarly-titled Ninja Blade. While strongly reminiscent of Dante's demon-slashing adventures, throw in the monsters from Dead Space (which, obviously, were right out of The Thing anyway), and the 'humans mutating, taking over the city' plot of Resident Evil and every zombie movie ever."

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MediaSpin3603700d ago

There isnt room for another. Especially one that just looks cheesy.

NewZealander3700d ago

i dunno, i like a good oldskool ninja game, im glad i got ninja gaiden 2 despite the reviews its actually an excelent game, sure the camera needs work but its not as awefull as the reviews made out.

so bring on ninja blade, i dont care if its a NG rip-off, looks like a hell of alot of fun to me, ninjas swords magic and over the top action rock.

GiantEnemyCrab3700d ago

Shame, that was a totally negative preview and they haven't even played the game. Basically ending it with "the game is going to suck but if you like Ninja's you will buy it anyway". Not a direct quote but that's what I took away.