PS5 stock boost sends Spider-Man: Miles Morales to No.2 | UK Boxed Charts

But Mario holds on to No.1 by 1,000 units

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RazzerRedux47d ago

The Last of Us Part 2 showing some legs coming in at number 3.

-Foxtrot47d ago

Maybe because they've slashed the price like everywhere (Re-Entry), it's £15-£18 in the UK and it's only 8 months old, it's had price cut after price cut. No matter how anyone wants to spin this and get into the whole debate about the game, that's not good for such a big "GOTY". Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, Persona 5 Royal, even Resident Evil 3 in some places over here are higher in price, some which have been out longer or released during the same month or so.

ocelot0746d ago

Jeeze I remember when they cut the price of Spider-Man for a week or so during a promotion only a few months after release.

Must not of been a very good goty title then.

Atticus_finch46d ago

Wow TLoU2 is still bothering you this much.

JEECE46d ago

I think the haters' obsession with TLOU2 and the fact that they think and talk about it more than any of the games they supposedly think are better is some of the best evidence in favor of the game.

-Foxtrot46d ago

Guys you can disagree all you want but that’s what’s happening, even the article mentions the price being slashed.

There’s pictures flooding online forums with how much stock of the game there’s still left on the shelf or how the price keeps getting slashed

If you want to put your fingers in your ears and ignore it then fair enough

outsider162446d ago

For someone who really doesn't give a shit about TLOU2, you sure do have a habit of showing up and downplaying it.

"There’s pictures flooding online forums with how much stock of the game there’s still left on the shelf or how the price keeps getting slashed" glad you have your forum friends to make you happy with all that. Lmao..!! It's 8 months old. Game has been a success critically and financially. Move on.

TGGJustin46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

@Foxtrot No matter how your hating ass wants to spin it TLOU2 ended 2020 having sold more at retail and digitally than any of those other games you named. Also won far more GOTY awards from players and critics than any other game. Amazing that haters like you can't stop talking about the game all these months later. Its success really bothers you.

Btw price doesn't equate to success. So what if a game like Persona 5 Royal is still priced higher. That's because it doesn't sell as well and the publisher doesn't want to discount it. Games from Koei Tecmo will stay at full price for the most part for years yet many don't even sell a million copies.

Muzikguy46d ago

Not every game release or pricing structure has to be exactly the same you know

RazzerRedux46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Plenty of games out there have their prices slashed and don't find their way back on to the charts. Hilarious how the simplest comment on the subject triggers you.

ocelot0746d ago

Wonder what your going to be like if/when they announce a PS5 version/free update.

46d ago
SpineSaw46d ago

Oh them Sony First Party games huh? Maybe Sony should start a service and put those First party games on it on the day they release and give the service away for say $1 for 90 days or so. That's the only way a game Like TLoU2 will get played huh? Then maybe Sony First party games can get some GoTY Noms and maybe one day win! We all know there's no way 5 to 10million gamers are paying more than $1 to play them Sony First Party games.

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SamPao46d ago

A friend that was a hater actually bought the game a week ago, he loves it.

SullysCigar46d ago

Such a great game. Haters will be tempted and will see how silly they were to get swept up in the media smear campaign.

And I hope they enjoy it - we all make mistakes.

philm8746d ago

TLOU2 is amazing. Close between that and The Witcher 3 for my favourite game of all time.
That's what I don't like to see, people missing out when they get swept up by these things. I'm loving Cyberpunk 2077 at the moment (playing on PS5), but people will undoubtedly miss out because of what they've heard. To be fair in this case it was partly CDPR's own fault. I've got a couple of mates who love CP2077 and have played it on base PS4. Things get blown out of all proportion, then a lot of lies get thrown in there to top it off.

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P_Bomb47d ago

If you stock it, they will come.

LiViNgLeGaCY46d ago

Won't have this until I get a PS5, but very nice to see!

Tetsdah46d ago

Jesus that jump for Last of Us 2. Imagine when the upgrade gets announced or they finally announce this multiplayer.

And grats to Miles return. I imagine as a lost legacy styled release, the return on this game is phenomenal

purple10146d ago

What stock boost?. It's not on sale anywhere.

And I have checked...everywhere! Believe me

andy8546d ago

Been absolutely loads released in the last couple of weeks in the UK

purple10146d ago

i do not believe you, / have been brought by scalpers.

Silly gameAr46d ago

When are they going to send some of those bad boys our way in the U.S.?

andy8544d ago

Believe what you like, and again, GAME alone released 15,000 today.

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