Mass Effect Andromeda Revisited

With the hype surrounding the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, we revisit Mass Effect Andromeda.

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P_Bomb325d ago

Thinking of finally jumping in. EA Play has that $1.49 deal going on.

ZeekQuattro325d ago

I paid $20 for it a month or so after it released. A time when It was still getting fixes to correct tired faces. Lol Theres definitely enough fun to be had at $1.49 imo and if you end up not liking it I doubt you'll miss that little amount of money.

RazzerRedux324d ago

It isn't a bad game. $1.49 is a steal. I paid $30 and felt like I got my monies worth.

anast323d ago

I payed 10 and feel like I underpaid for the game.

theflamey323d ago

For this price it's worth a try

autobotdan323d ago

It's 1.49 on EA Play currently? I need to jump on it

autobotdan323d ago

I dont see it anywhere on EA play for 1.49. Where is that price??

P_Bomb323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

It’s a promo in the NA Playstation Store, under deals. 1 month EA Access membership for $1.49, good til March 9.

P_Bomb323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

.99 US.
.79 UK
1.49 CAD

Rebel_Scum323d ago

Wanna tip to make it really enjoyable. After playing for about 5-10 hours, skip all dialogue. The action and planetary exploration is where its at.

autobotdan323d ago

I thought you meant the game Mass Effect Ad was 1.49

P_Bomb323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Nah, sorry it wasn’t clearer. You should be able to beat it within a month though.

Heh, noted!

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Gaming4Life1981323d ago

I enjoyed andromeda the story wasnt better than the original trilogy but its still decent.

lonewolf10323d ago

This paragraph from the article sums it up perfectly for me:

It’s by no means an awful game but it has a lot of niggly flaws which hold it back. I think the huge shift away from the setting and characters of the original games was massively jarring to fans and didn’t exactly help. I don’t know that it deserves the level of vitriol that’s been thrown at it since release, it’s fundamentally a solid game, I think my main issue with it is that it had the potential to be so much more. With that being said I enjoyed it a lot and at no point during either playthrough did I ever consider not seeing it to the end.

RazzerRedux323d ago

Yep. That is about right. It was a decent game. I felt like a sequel would have given them the opportunity to fix their mistakes. But EA is still EA.

Unknown_Gamer5794323d ago

True. Play something like Skylight Freerange, and you will appreciate Andromeda...but don't do that because Skylight Freerange is awful. Andromeda is a much better game by comparison.

But Mass Effect 1-3 were great, and they set a really high bar. A follow-up on what was newer hardware at the time was expected to be even better. It wasn't, was a disappointment, to say the least. There are far worse games out there, but it just isn't a great Mass Effect game. I enjoyed what I played of it (didn't quite finish it), but it just made me wish I was playing one of the other games in the series.

Double_O_Revan323d ago

I regret my first visit to Andromeda. Don't need to revisit it.

crxss323d ago

i just jumped into this game last month. so far it sits just below 3 for me. so if you can get through mass effect 1 this will be enjoyable

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