Xbox Games Marketing Boss Debunks Speculation About Event Coming Soon With Big World Premieres

There has been speculation floating around about an Xbox event, especially in relation to a reveal of From Software’s Elden Ring. Turns out it's false.

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jairusmonillas45d ago ShowReplies(2)
Orchard45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Honestly, after all of the rumors from “insiders” about the Nintendo & Sony events being false - I’ve given up believing any of these rumors - just wait for the real event to take place - otherwise you’ll likely be disappointed.

lifeisgamesok45d ago

Fake insiders and hype from MS tricked me for many E3's until I said enough is enough

Viking_mo45d ago

Game awards is what made me say enough is enough. God of wsr debut gameplay, silent hill trailer and MGS trailer too.

lifeisgamesok45d ago

@Viking_mo I remember the Uncharted 4 and Spider-man demos made me so envious of Playstation fans before I got my PS4

moriarty188945d ago

talk is cheap.....put up,or shut up.

bleedsoe9mm45d ago

Could be lying like he did before the game awards

AngelicIceDiamond45d ago

He smartly swerved everyone at the VGA's. Who knows if he's doing it here as well but my expectations are extremely low anyway.

bleedsoe9mm45d ago

Better is over deliver than under deliver