It's time for another shot at a 3D Donkey Kong platformer

Donkey Kong 64 had issues, but it did plenty right too. The time has come for a new 3D Donkey Kong platformer experience on Nintendo Switch.

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FallenAngel1984701d ago

It’s time for Nintendo to make more non-Mario 3D platformers period

Smbnokc87701d ago

Dk64 sucked. They should have kept all the old kongs and did away with that God awful rap. Puff daddy raps better than that.

Teflon02701d ago

Diddy is a legend in rap, better out respect on his name. Man was part of some serious classics.
Also the DK rap was iconic. Was it good? Not in the slightest. But that cringe was for the kids and I know at 9 years old I definitely enjoyed it and knew every word lol

gleepot701d ago

Nah. DK64 sucked donkey butt.

CrimsonWing69701d ago

Dear God, NO! This was the death of the Donkey Kong Country franchise for me.

Jeriphro701d ago

Death? You mean the greatest rap song of all time was the death of a franchise? Well, I guess I love the death. haha

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