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VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Though not a game to completely forego jump scares, The Medium is nevertheless a great move away from the horror shlock Bloober Team's produced in the past. Rather than aping horror game-streaming bait like Layers of Fear again, Bloober Team looked towards icons like the Silent Hill series and arrived at something more inspired and filled with its own unique subtext. There's a few writing and gameplay demons to exorcise, but that only keeps Bloober Team's latest from séance-sational horror game status."

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HyperMoused44d ago

Just finished this on the weekend, a great game and i highly recommend. characers are done well, interesting story that unfolds and great enviroonments to go trough. Also ne charcter i think is voiced very well. give it a go

gamer780444d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Plying it right now as well. Really enjoying the story rich experience with out the need for a gore fest to have a thrilling experience.

coolbeans44d ago

Glad you enjoyed it. Bloober Team is getting a nice streak going if they keep this quality up.

P_Bomb44d ago

Beat Layers 1&2 along with Blair Witch last year. Will be picking this one up as well.

coolbeans43d ago

Nice. I'm not sure whether you really liked Layers series & Blair Witch, but I'm confident you'll enjoy this more. It's heavier on being a psy. horror/paranormal thriller than a haunted house/forest kind of deal.

P_Bomb43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

As a SH and Akira Yamaoka fan, along with my streak of Bloober, yeah I gotta beat it. Not to mention the lean towards psy horror. Gravy!