Guilty Gear Strive Beta: A Stunning 4K Showcase On PS5 - But What Of PS4/Pro

Digital Foundry : "One of the most beautifully animated fighting games to date, Guilty Gear Strive's beta proved a huge succcess in showing the next evolution of Arc System Works' cel-shading. It uses Unreal Engine of course, but not as we usually see it - and builds on the tech used in DragonBall FighterZ to achieve stunning result at 4K on PS5. The PS4 and PS4 Pro systems run at significantly lower resolutions however, to maintain a solid 60fps performance - as Tom and Alex discuss."

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Lexreborn244d ago

The entire last gen Guilty Gear games were exclusive to PS and PC. Yet he found it odd these were exclusive to PS and PC because fighters had been released Multi?lol bruv it’s Dragonball it could release on an Atari and sell on its name alone these days.

Guilty Gear isn’t the same