Excessive media use causes adverse health issues for kids

The National Institutes of Health and nonprofit advocacy group, Common Sense Media have worked together on a review of 173 different studies about the effects of media consumption on childrens' health. The results suggest a "strong correlation" between greater exposure to media and adverse health outcomes. "The research is clear that exposure to media has a variety of negative health impacts on children and teens," said Jim Steyer, chief executive of Common Sense Media who helped fund the project. In a clear majority of those studies more time with television, films, video games, magazines, music and the Internet was linked to rises in childhood obesity, tobacco use and sexual behavior. A majority also showed strong correlations with drug and alcohol use and low academic achievement.

"The average parent doesn't understand that if you plop your kids down in front of the TV or the computer for five hours a day, it can change their brain development, it can make them fat, and it can lead them to get involved in risky sexual activity at a young age," Mr. Steyer said.

As an "average parent" what do you think about that? Do you really not understand?

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