How Returnal will push the PS5 to its limits

Returnal is the PlayStation 5’s next big exclusive. Set on a dark, remote planet, players play the role of Selene, an astronaut stuck in a strange world where every time she dies, she wakes up and finds herself back at the crash site.

RaidenBlack1006d ago

A new console launch and a new game will push that console to its limits. This has already gotten old.
We had some early articles that stated this [insert_title] will push the hardware to its limits, yet we got TLOU, BF4, Watch_Dogs, MGSV running on PS3.
Returnal and Kena is currently the two titles I am most looking forward to on PS's side.

mikeslemonade1005d ago

you and the 22 people who agreed don't know how things work. Stay casual playing console last gen games lol

RaidenBlack1005d ago

So you're the harbinger of hardcore gaming?
Where do you game? On a DGX A100?

Fluttershy771005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Oh you are so hardcore. Sorry for being casual

Rude-ro1005d ago

Compared to what?
Hardware allows more... game engines define the advancements.
This is a brand new game engine.
On pc.. you hard pressed to find anything “new” for the last decade. You know “the master race”.. yet they can not offer anything groundbreaking except for ray tracing on old engines.

YOU obviously have no clue.

Sony, at least in the last ten years, pushed and built whole new game engines to advance the hardware out there.
This game is not pushing the ps5 to its limits... but the initial build for this new game engine may be taxing due to no refinements.

1005d ago
mikeslemonade1005d ago

Y'all still don't get it. I'm not a PC only fan. I'm a fan of XBOX, PS, and PC. What you guys don't understand is that the system does get maxed early on. If a GPU is deliverying 100% then that means it is maxed. Now the tools and development will get better. So it is true that Returnal(which won't be a good game), is gonna max the PS5.

S2Killinit1005d ago

Arent you a xbox fanatic?

mikeslemonade1005d ago

You guys are confusing the term maxed out with late gen games. Developers efficiently make the games better and the tools get updated more. As long as all the cores of the cpu and all the gpu is being utilized and it's at 100% load that's "maxed out" technically.

I don't disagree that a TLOU3, GOW3, FF7 part 2 will look even better than the games coming out right now. I'm just explaining to y'all that probably don't know how hardware basics work.

Knushwood Butt1005d ago

'Returnal(which won't be a good game)'

Housemarqe has an extremely good track record. I've played a lot their stuff and so far the only I didn't really get into is Matterfall; not because it isn't a good game, but because it seemed too close to VelocityX and from what I played of Matterfall, up to 3rd boss I think, if I had to choose between the two I'd probably go back to VelocityX.

Even so, Matterfall is still a quality game and I have high expectations for Returnal. They are even throwing easter eggs in there which is a good sign.

P_Bomb1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

“ So it is true that Returnal (which won't be a good game)”

I beat three of their games last year. They’re a good dev. No reason to expect anything less.

Muzikguy1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Dude, you're arguing that the agrees don't understand when they actually do. Nobody needs you to explain how development tools get better as time goes on. The example you even commented on says that they get better over time.

1Victor1005d ago

🤦🏿 It’s pathetically sad when mikeslemonade have to use his alternate account to give himself a agree.🤷🏿
I would play returnal day one if it wasn’t for those ______with spam bots buying all PS5 1 second after they go live regardless of time or day 😭

bouzebbal1005d ago

Game looks really interesting.. Housemarque are delivering a always!
Matterfall on steroids.

DJStotty1004d ago


If something is "maxed" and at its "limits" then it can not be improved upon.

Games will improve on the console, so it is not at its "limit" or "maxed".

That is like saying "my car has a max speed of 90 miles an hour, but if i change gear sooner, it will go faster".

mikeslemonade1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

^Ever heard of Tesla, updates to make it faster. Updates to make it self-drive better. This is an example of what I think of you guys. You don't know how the term maxed out is used.

As long as the PS5 is using all of it's processors at the game isn't capping the frame rate, that means the system is maxed out. It literally can't churn out one frame higher than it can.

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CaptainHenry9161005d ago

Returnal and Kena looks like Indie games. I would say Ranchet and Clank is pushing the PS5 more especially the SSD and its a PS5 only exclusive

fr0sty1005d ago

pushing a console to its limits isn't always a graphical thing, however. And there's many different ways to push a console to its limits, creative sacrifices and more efficient code are what get the console to seemingly pass those limits later in the gen. It doesn't mean that the hardware wasn't still being maxed out early on, it just means the developers had not yet found new ways to improve efficiency. Maybe this game's particle effects and number of enemies on screen or AI are what push it to the limits, even if it isn't the best looking game out there.

rocof218211005d ago

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1005d ago Replies(2)

Ugh...they say that about every new ip when a new console launches. This game doesn't even look as graphically impressive as Demons Souls so I seriously doubt it.

VerminSC1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

I think the first game that will feel truly next gen is ratchet and clank, followed by GOW ragnarok and whatever naughty dog is working on.

Unfortunately horizon made the terrible decision to go cross-gen, so even though it will be an impressive game it won’t feel truly next gen.

I will be VERY disappointed if GOW ragnarok is cross-gen, but I don’t think Sony would do that. I think it’s going to be the PS5 flagship game

ArchangelMike1005d ago

Sony have said they will continue to support the PS4 for the next 3-4 years, also they seem to be diversifying their delivery platforms a little bit, i.e. releasing more of their AAA portfolio on PC. So it would'nt surprise me if as part of that we still see a PS4 version of God of War Ragnarok etc, and it would not surprise me at all if the franchise eventually makes it way to PC either.

Jin_Sakai1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

“This game doesn't even look as graphically impressive as Demons Souls so I seriously doubt it.“

It doesn’t looks a good graphically but there’s a ton more effects going in Returnal than Demons Souls.

VerminSC1005d ago

I can’t wait for this. Up until now only demons souls feels next gen, and that’s a remake! I can not wait to see more exclusives

galmi1005d ago

I didnt think Demons Soul felt next gen being all it got was a new skin with higher textures and faster load times and that was basically it, I do believe R & C might, but I will wait for GOW and HZD for that

derek1005d ago

@galmi I disagree, demons souls is the visually impressive game I've seen to date.

garos821005d ago

its both visually impressive and damn amazing seeing how fast it loads up into game. that right there is the game changer

Elda1005d ago

I doubt this though Returnal looks interesting & a game I want to play.

S2Killinit1005d ago

To its “current” limits. You are welcome.

DJStotty1004d ago

Exactly, you get it, the developers "limits" not the console :p