Fallout 3: 7 Things Parents Should Know

Fallout 3 arrived in stores last week and it's already getting a great deal of attention from players diving into the realistic and immersive post-apocalyptic Washington, DC featured in the game. Themes range from nuclear war – complete with radiation poisoning, and nuclear devastation – to the resulting chaos of cannibalism, theft, murder, and prostitution. We've spent a lot of time digging through the Capital Wasteland to figure out everything parents should know about this M-rated release.

1. Fallout 3 is a follow-up to the Fallout games from the '90s
Though it uses the same general setting and some of the same organizations in its plot, Fallout 3 takes place 30 years after and on the opposite side of the country from Fallout 2 (which was released in 1998). This resurrection of the series also features a new developer – Bethesda, the same team that created 2006's much-loved Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – and brings the series into full, graphically realistic 3D. As a result, the speed of the game has picked up a lot as well, changing it from a straight turn-based role-playing game into more of an action game.

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