E3 2021 Reportedly Canceled as Physical Event

If you were hoping to enjoy the return of E3 as a physical event in 2021, you’re likely to be disappointed.

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Hellcat20201185d ago

It was already said it would not be a public event this year
Digital as expected

bouzebbal1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

What a shame!!! this world is sickening

WillyC0091184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

How so? Because of an electronics conference being a closed digital event? Lol my word...

bouzebbal1184d ago

No, because too many sheep 🐑 🐑 🐑 on this planet.. Can't get over with life and age to destroy the world and dreams of millions of people for an influenza

rdgneoz31184d ago

Yes, an influenza that's killed over 580k people in the US alone and over 2.5 million people world wide in about 1 year... Hopefully you don't get the vaccine since that would just make you a sheep... ☠ ☠ ☠

WillyC0091183d ago

Skip the vaccine then. Save it for the people who want it. Problem solved. Your naivety on the subject is astounding. People like you are precisely the problem.

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Sonyslave31185d ago

How ms going to do this 😆 do they do one 6hr event or break it up.

Orchard1184d ago

Huh? What has this got to do with Microsoft?

Kiwi661184d ago

Well his name is Sonyslave so that should explain it

CaptainHenry9161184d ago

That's the same thing I was thinking 😂

iplay1up21184d ago

Sad you are a Sonyslave. So many great games you miss out on. Me, I am a gamer. Give me a great game, no matter who publishes it I want it.

So much more to be excited about for E3 when you game, on multiple platforms.

Knightofelemia1185d ago

A drunken idiot could have told you it would have been scrapped this year shame though I like some of the presentations they put on. Would love to go to E3 some year just to play some of the demos and watch a few shows.

Darkborn1184d ago

Same I always wanted to go and I was going to soon but it's probably never going to be physical again or I expect it to never be as huge of an event ever again.

annoyedgamer1184d ago

Just release the trailers. They turned E3 into a clown show years ago.

Orchard1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

If anything this just shows we don’t really need E3 and the standalone shows by platform holders are more than good enough.

I wonder if E3 will even make a return after COVID.

GreatSako20201184d ago

The digital shows are boring. The are very passive and lack the excitement.