Games32: Tom Clancy EndWar PSP Review

Games32 writes: "Yet again Tom Clancy "brings war" upon us, this time in a future not so distant. The year is 2020 and World War III is fought by U.S. Joint Strike Force, European Enforcers Corps and Russian Spetsnaz Guards Brigade. Who will prevail?

If you had the chance to view the next-gen console version of the game, you'd probably know what the game is all about. While, the action is basically the same, we could say that EndWar for PSP is totally another game.

World War III escalades between the three powers of the world: United States, Europe and Russia, with epic battles on each of their fronts. You can start the single-player campaign with either the United State's Joint Strike Force or the European Federation Enforces Corps. Depending on which campaign you start, there are difficulty levels for each; easy for European campaign, medium for United States and hard difficulty for Russia which will unlock when either of the previous campaign is completed."

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