God of War Ragnarok Will Release 'When It's Done' on PS5

"It's what's best for everyone"

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RazzerRedux46d ago (Edited 46d ago )


Ok....but that's what Sony should have said in the reveal rather than "2021". Sony is certainly in no position to suggest others "need to hear this" as if we imagined the year the game was suppose to launch. Love Barlog's work, but just STFU and finish the game.

seanpitt2346d ago

It’s marketing Sony probably knew 100% that Ragnarok would not make it out this year but say 2021 and it get fans hyped and gets them to go crazy for a ps5 on launch day and beyond and I think it worked.

phoenixwing45d ago

I agree with Sean. It was a calculated move.

jBlakeeper45d ago

My thoughts exactly. Announce a new God of War to generate hype. Sony fully knows what consoles it will release on as well. It could very well be cross gen. This was just to spur PS5 launch sales.

generic-user-name45d ago

Same with GT7. I mean, when has a GT game ever met it's initial release date?

chiefJohn11745d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I told them this but ppl got mad. people act like Sony doesn't do this on a regular

Army_of_Darkness45d ago

As long as they don't pull a cyberpunk 2077, I'm good with it.

Michiel198945d ago

I was already surprised it was announced for 2021. Santa Monica has a decent track record of having a long development cycle, for good reason though.

mikeslemonade45d ago

Just make sure it’s a PS5 game only.

ScootaKuH45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I never expected to see Ragnarok this year tbh, but I agree they shouldn't have said 2021.

Having said that, I'm confident it's not vapourware. I remember back around the launch of the Switch I was sucked in by the promise of Metroid Prime 4. Around 4 years down the line and it's still nowhere to be seen. I definitely don't think we'll be waiting so long for this.

I would imagine we'll see Ragnarok either next year, or possibly 2023. Same goes for GT7.

I appreciate that things can happen and release dates can slip but honestly, I doubt Ragnarok was ever really on the cards for 2021 and I agree it was likely a stunt to get the hype train moving and shift those PS5s.

derek45d ago

How about we wait to hear definitively before we engage in endless speculation. Sony stated 2021 only they can be the ones to change that.

Sunny_D45d ago


I think GT3 was a launch title for the PS2 lol

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porkChop45d ago

Yeah, Sony announced all those 2021 games just to create hype for the PS5. They knew the games would need more time.

RazzerRedux45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

"all those 2021 games"

This is about GoW. What games (plural) are you referring to?

Edit: lol......I love being downvoted for asking a question. Please continue....or maybe.....give answers?

ps360owner0945d ago


Any reasonable person should have known it was just marketing hype by Sony and all of those games they announced for 2021 would not make it. Them saying Gran Turismo was coming in 2021 was a clear sign to me that they were straight up lying. I did have hope for God of War in 2021 though since they have had a decent track record as far as hitting their dates.

The fact is this a new generation. The scope of games and their budgets have only became bigger with each generation. It's going to take Sony and Microsoft years before they can truly hit their stride with game development.

Sony disbanding the Japan studio is a clear signal that they are mainly going to focus on mainstream/casual titles that can hit close to 10 million sold or more. Get ready to see even less diversity and risk taking than the last generation. It puts extreme pressure on the studios left and games like God of War to produce.

I can remember when publishers and developers on PS1 were happy to sell 500,000 copies of a game. Now games that sale 1 to 2 million are considered a disappointment. It's crazy how times have changed.

Extermin8or3_45d ago

I mean Sony only really put data on Horizon Zero Dawn and GoW abd Horizon is still due second half of the year. Gran Turismo got a projected time frame mentioned in small print as "aiming for" and that was quickly removed at the time. Hardly the same thing. Also I think Gran Turisno possibly was hoped to actually be plausible that it would release this year.

derek45d ago

@porkchop you do not know this, you are just making that up.

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porkChop45d ago

"This is about GoW. What games (plural) are you referring to?"

The games that Sony have delayed? I thought that was obvious.

RazzerRedux45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

My question was obvious but you didn't answer it. What 2021 games have Sony delayed? You said "all those" as if there were many.

ShadowWolf71245d ago

Yes, I am so sure they knew that the racing game they specified was targeting mid-2021 was going to have to be pushed into 2022. Ryan stating that they'd learned exactly how hard the pandemic was hitting game development this year was just a cover, obvs.

Btw, what about the two or so games that ARE still releasing this year?

ScootaKuH45d ago

What games have Sony actually delayed though? They never gave any cast iron dates as far as I'm aware

WillyC00945d ago

Gotta love the answer without an actual answer. This is what the world is coming to.

What games specifically porkChop?

Shiken45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


Horizon Forbidden West is rumored to be delayed, but they are TRYING to be done by holiday.
God of War due to this comment is looking like a 2022-23 game.
GT8 is CONFIRMED to be delayed.

Not everything is confirmed, but enough evidence is a cause for concern. Sony has always announced games and delayed them in order to build hype, this is nothing new.

RazzerRedux44d ago


Delays are a common occurrence in the gaming industry. I don't like Barlogs tweet on this but singling out Sony is silly.

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DragonWarrior1945d ago

I don't think there was a single gamer who say that 2021 date and took it seriously.

neutralgamer199245d ago

To me this was always a 2022 title and GT7 fall 2022. My question now is will horizon come out this year? It wouldn't surprise me with how well ps5 has been doing that Sony may push it to early 2022 with GOW in spring and GT7 in fall (just taking a guess)

porkChop45d ago

Ratchet, GT7, Horizon, GoW. Nearly their whole slate of 2021 games has been pushed back either later in the year, or into next year. I don't know why you always play dumb and pretend you don't know the answer. It's far beneath you.

RazzerRedux45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

No, it is called asking a question and for some idiotic reason it took you two additional posts to actually answer it.
I had honestly forgotten that GT7 had been delayed into 2022. Horizon and R&C are still 2021 games. You referenced "2021 games" as if they were no longer "2021 games".

So for finally answering a simple question, thank you, but there was absolutely no reason at all for you to be snide about me asking for clarification. It is beneath you.

Petebloodyonion45d ago

Are you surprise considering Sony's past track record with announcing AAA game for next year but delivering them 2 or 3 years after?
I'll be honest to say that the real surprise is Sony actually respecting Ratchet and Clank release date because I had the game picture for Fall 2021 (Like Halo) but we can expect the game to be released as promised but for the rest

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Silly gameAr46d ago

I'm really excited for Ragnarok, but maybe Sony shouldn't have said this year if it wasn't going to release this year.

nyu145d ago

Maybe they thought it would, and now it isn't going to ?

Delays happen all the time. Making these high quality games is difficult and hard to predict.

Axecution45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Especially during a pandemic that has no known end in sight. Hitting release targets is hard enough even without the whole covid thing

sinspirit45d ago

Maybe I'm blind.. but, this still doesn't tell us that there is any delay. Everyones already shouting that there is certainly a delay. This doesn't mean anything till the estimated release is pushed back to 2022. That's why 2021 was already a broad answer. Maybe they had an internal guesstimate that put a feasible 2021 release date even with a one or two month delay. We don't know till they tell us 2022. And obviously I'm not telling everyone what will or won't happen, but everyones jumping on board with so little information and don't understand there are still many many months left in the year to announce a release date 6 months out, which isn't uncommon. Read about how GoW had a huge change just before release. It's important not to show too much too soon.

itsmebryan45d ago

Sony has been doing this since PS3 if not before. Look how long GT5 was delayed on PS3, then Drive Club a PS4 launch game was delayed over a year and was still broken. They advertise game that often miss advertised releases dates.

ShadowWolf71245d ago

They were targeting this year. They thought it would be ready this year. For all we know, it may actually still be on-track FOR this year, it may be delayed, who knows? That doesn't mean that they "knew" it wouldn't release this year.

Ausbo45d ago

Yeah they probably should’ve held off on announcing a date because we were well into the pandemic at that time and it seems 2021 was too optimistic

Kavorklestein45d ago

Yeah Sony hasn't been very transparent or honest this gen so far. Lots of loose claims and words.
That's usually something Microsoft is known for. Ironically, it was Microsoft that did well in setting the expectations for Mostly 2022 and beyond for 1st party titles.

waverider46d ago

2021 is not a good year to launch amazing games. Lets hope it gets better.

ps360owner0945d ago


Why isn't 2021 a good year to launch games. Me and millions of other people already have a PS5. The numbers of PS5 owners will only continue to go up as 2021 progresses. Are we expected to be satisfied with no new marquee PS5 first party titles from them for an entire year.

RaidenBlack45d ago

He meant as a follow up year to 2020. All the games that were in development wayy before 2020 got eventually released. Of those some came out decent, some failed to make an impact (rushed to meet the deadlines: CP2077, XIIIR, Avengers etc). While the rest got delayed to 2021, hoping eventually the working situation will become normal again and work will be finished by the new deadline(Halo, Deathloop, Kena). But alas, 2020 had a sizable impact on working conditions that 2021 can't rectify. Hence games like Halo Infinite, Outriders might release in 2021 but other games are getting pushed to 2022 (Hogwarts, GT7 etc).
Couple that with other social and management issues (Bloodlines 2, Dying Light 2), 2021 is not ideal now is seems.

ShadowWolf71245d ago

...Horizon. Ratchet & Clank. Both are out this year.

But sure, no new marquee first-party titles from them.

Meanwhile, Xbox literally DID drop a console with none of those for a year and hasn't gotten half the community flak for it.

Rimeskeem45d ago

It's possible that they did think it would be done faster because of the new hardware and tools but now they may have realized how much more is actually possible. Premium games take time, maybe they could have released a good game in 2021, but they obviously didn't think it was good enough.

DragonWarrior1945d ago

If they were confident in the release they would have shown footage. The banner pretty much told everyone that it was 100% not coming out in 2021. It was a marketing stunt.

derek45d ago

@DragonWarrior19 and if it comes out in 2021 what will you say then? Sony said 2021 as marketing to hype up the ps5? The ps5 didn't need "hyping" you dope, if they said 2021 (which is the last official date given) then the game is pretty far along in its development.

Hellcat202045d ago

As long as we get Horizon this year I don't mind waiting till next year or the year after for the next God of War

Tedakin45d ago

I got some bad news for you. Rumors saying that's delayed to 2022 as well.

Hellcat202045d ago

First I'm hearing of such thing

AmUnRa45d ago (Edited 45d ago )