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PP: Destruction AllStars has the basics in place but nowhere near enough depth to sustain it long term. It's good for an hour or two, but once the initial "wow, a free PS5 game!" wears off, you're left with a shallow, tarted-up imitation of better games that came before.

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Nofamboyism49d ago

brutal. But i may even agree. i played it it and it’s great. But not enough content. Just same stuff over and over. Graphics and gameplay nice. Would be fun for private games but it won’t even allow that

ScootaKuH48d ago

Very true. It's fun and definitely has a lot of potential but it's too light on content right now. I've already noticed there's less people playing it over the last week or so. More content needs adding otherwise I can see this dying a premature death, which would be a real shame because there's definitely potential

GamerRN48d ago

Honestly I was expecting more of a race Destruction Derby type game. I was really excited for this until I realized there is no actual race, and just cars driving around with poor controls in a big oval bumping into each other. If there were actual races, I might have enjoyed it. I miss PlayStation's Destruction Derby and Destruction Derby 2

MoonConquistador48d ago

I hope you've tried wreckfest, that sounds like just the game you're after and its loads of fun.

GamerRN48d ago

I downloaded it on Xbox but haven't tried it yet...