Game Revolution: Tomb Raider: Underworld Review

Game Revolution writes: "There was a time when Lara Croft was better known for pushing the boundaries of the adventure genre, than for pushing the boundaries of her brassiere. Somewhere along the line, Ms. Croft fell victim to her own celebrity and left her adventuring soul behind along with her original bra size.

As Lara's most salient physical features have become more and more augmented, her adventures have become proportionally more dull and diminished. However, with Crystal Dynamics' first foray into the Tomb Raider series in 2006, we saw that Lara may have some life in her yet. True, the game had its share of issues, but Tomb Raider: Legend brought back much of what made the original Tomb Raider games so great-and, no, it didn't rhyme with "tubes" or "sass". Instead, Crystal Dynamics gave the series a renewed sense of adventure."

+ Looks and sounds great
+ Puzzles can be inventive
+/- A faithful return to the old days
- . . .but are mostly repetitive
- Pointless combat

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