Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Won't Utilize All PS5 Features, Sequel Will Use Full Potential

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is coming to the PS5 but it might not fully utilize all PS5 features, but the director suggests waiting for the sequel.

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masterfox49d ago

Of course sequel will utilize all PS5 potential cause most probably will be released in approximately in 4 years and that's being optimistic lol.....awww ... that sucks!

NotoriousWhiz48d ago

And we can expect Part 3 on the PS6.

Mr_Writer8548d ago

Depends on how they do it, I mean realistically they could stuff at least half of the original game plot wise into the part 2.

Just take out the the open world and have them moving from town to town.

mikeslemonade48d ago

Been holding off playing this game. Don’t want to play on just PS Pro settings.

jeromeface48d ago

just hold off till the project is complete, unless you like being milked anyway

lucian22947d ago

Yeah play PS5 version, you will Be Spoiled like hell if you listen to Jerome.

Lexreborn248d ago

3D audio and haptics not including but has all the quality of life improvements the base remake is getting. I’m cool with that

Kurisu48d ago

I can't wait to get a PS5.

spambot081548d ago

old build vs. new build oviously

Kabaneri48d ago

Yeah Im good with the PS+ PS4 version until the sequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.