HourPlay Review - Prince of Persia - Pushing Play writes "HourPlay is a review format that looks at the introduction of a game rather than the game in it's entirety. In HourPlay we judge the game based strictly on an hour of gameplay, not including cut-scenes, menus, or character customization.

"I remember playing this in like '92 on my computer. I always died in those spikes that come out of no where." Apparently the girl at Best Buy has more gamer cred than I do. I was first introduced to the Prince (not to be confused with Prince) in his last generation debut, Sands of Time. From that game on I was hooked. I loved the following games in the trilogy (Warrior Within and Two Thrones), despite their many flaws. Dashing around as the Prince was always exhilarating and I was one of the few people who thought the combat was actually quite fun."

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