Japan Studio's Disbandment Is Disappointing, But Not Surprising

Sammy argues the writing was on the wall.

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ArchangelMike43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I was holding out for another Forbidden Siren Game, but now I will just have to shed a tear for my shattered dreams 😥

Sonic-and-Crash43d ago

the staff of Japan Studio had great capabilities , they just didnt have the right direction and right materialo to work on.......for example if Sony have bought Crash Bandicoot in PS3 years where the IP had trash value , and had given it ot Japan Studio to remake it ala Astro Bot , or they continued the lore of ICO ,SOTC TLG with more quality games the studio would have been one of Playstation Powerhouses now like Naught Dog but with Japanese talents

spdarksky42d ago

We will see suddenly Knack releasing on PC to make up of the lost investments.. mark my word..

P_Bomb42d ago

Never thought of it but I could see it.

Imortus_san43d ago

When all the games you make are bad, bad things happen.

Viking_mo43d ago

Bloodborne, ape escape, legend of dragoon, demon souls and knack were never bad. Jim Ryan wants blockbuster hit games. Bloodborne sold even more PS4 cause of the exclusive. Jim Ryans just a Don Mattrik in disguise

Redemption-6443d ago

You want to do some research on those games you listed. From Software made Demon's Souls and Bloodborn, not Japan studio. They helped with development, but it was From Software that made those games.

Also, companies are in business to make money, not lose money. If certain games are bringing in millions of cash to a company, guess what? That company will invest more in them. I don't agree with this decision, but I fully understand from a business standpoint.

I am actually surprised so many people think Japan Studio made Bloodborne and Demon's souls.

Fishy Fingers43d ago

2 of your examples are from 1999, 2 are developed by FROM software and the other is Knack.

I disagree with Imortus 100% but that argument :/

Imortus_san41d ago

Blood Bourne is a From Software game published by the Sony Studius, kow your facts.

Stanjara43d ago

But Cyberpunk needs to be saved :/

AnotherGamer43d ago

None of them are bad, check the receptions. They just didn't sell well.

CBaoth42d ago

"They just didn't sell". And there ya go. This isn't a participation event where everyone gets a smiley face or a gold star for showing up. This is a multi-billion dollar industry. Sony gave this studio more time to get their shit together than anyone else. They failed, simple as that.

P_Bomb42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

TLG, GR1, GR2 averaged 80+.

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VersusDMC43d ago

The creatives behind Siren and Gravity Rush left to create their own horror game and now the rest of the studio fused into team asobi concentrates on working on Astrobot. Win win.

Gamble2043d ago (Edited 43d ago )

The only game in the recent era that was good (setting aside games where they merely provided assistance such as Demon Souls) was Astrobot. And the devs behind Astrobot are sticking around and doubling down on the property. Other than for the employees who are let go, this has no meaningful impact.

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The story is too old to be commented.