Game Revolution: Prince of Persia (2008) Review

Game Revolution writes: "The long-running series Prince of Persia has returned to its original title with no subtitle (we actually had to call this "Prince of Persia 2008") and no number (it would actually be
"7"). I didn't know you were allowed to do that… But hey, it's fair enough as they went with a whole new look, fundamentally changed gameplay, and a female companion whose constantly by your side and whose name fully deserves to be in the title as much as Daxter, Kazooie, or Clank.

In fact, according to the manual, the Prince is not even a prince at all, just a smart-aleck adventurer or possibly a thief who is looking for his donkey that he claims is laden with gold. One magical sandstorm later, he finds himself in the middle of a celestial war, teamed up with a hottie named Elika who actually is a princess."

+ Looks and sounds great
+ Choose your own path
- Though each path is linear
+ No death means less frustration
- Also makes it pretty easy

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