New Genshin Impact Trailer Is All About Cute New Character Hu Tao

Today Genshin Impact developer MiHoYo released another new trailer for the super-popular free-to-play RPG.

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Kaii43d ago

Sitting sub50% hp to deal more dmg is a tad concerning for me >.>

Teflon0243d ago

It sounds concerning until you realize you can easily get her over 35K and half of that is 17500. I'm AR 53 and my characters all average 15-18k so that's perfect. A Max Con Noelle maybe the best pairing if you're worried. Once she drops under 30% she'll get a auto shield. Just stack Noelles Defense and you're good. That's if you got a max Noelle though. Otherwise. Better just get em shields up lol

cartoonx142d ago

noelle shield does not get benefit from her c6 actually. c3 gives her the most shield benefits, other const are just for damage purely.

Teflon0238d ago

Sry didn't explain properly. I mean as in she can be the switch when the skill ends, reason I said C6 because you can focus on stacking defense, crit and you'll get shields plus over 100% DEF as attack for ult
Essentially she can be a swap DPS which can do minor heals and Stack a chunky shield.
Currently the setup I'm doing though My noelle has no levels on her Artifacts so she's not very strong atm.

cartoonx142d ago

hardly, she will still have more HP event at <50% thn most other dps characters, not to mention she has self sustain in her Q(Ult) during her E buff.
having a shield characters like the above poster mention is the way to go, even xingqui might be enough with his resistance and damage mitigation on swords.

Kaii42d ago

Running Genyu(C1)-Venti-Qiqi -Xingqiu(C6) AR 47
Don't have viable HP%/Crit chance/dmg relics for Hu Tao :c Guess I could switch out Qiqi for Jean.
I normally wouldn't consider throwing resources but I managed to nab the staff with my 2 fates gained from the event.

Teflon0238d ago

Kaii, Peesonally, Your Team is very Meta, as was my team. Unintentially, just who I used and I found out they're high tier combos. I go Ganyu, Venti, Qiqi and Xiangling, melt goes crazy in it. But I didn't try Squeeze Hu Tao in, since She's a commanding DPS mostly. It makes more sense to have her on her own alternate team.Basically what I'm doing is having
Team A, Xiangling, Venti, Qiqi Ganyu
Team B, Hu Tao, Noelle, Diona, Mona
I do have all the 4 stars and max Xingqiu and maxed most 4 stars, but I just dont like em. So my Hu Tao team is essentially Noelle handles physical shields and down time. Hu Tao handles Damage while Mona assists in Vape and Ult Multiplier and Diona gives melt status on ult and emergency Shields if Noelles breaks early. Really just make a split team if you really need to. Qiqi's Skill can be good for her to get melts, Xingqiu's ult is vaper lord lol. Ganyu's ult would be very effective and skill but her normals and Hu Tao is a bad combo.