Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 Will Be Directed by Naoki Hamaguchi; Tetsuya Nomura Still Involved

Final Fantasy VII Remake co-director Naoki Hamaguchi will take over directorship for the sequel; Tetsuya Nomura will oversee the whole IP.

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NecrumOddBoy42d ago

As much as I enjoyed FFVII Remake, I think this should have been left in the past where it was nostalgic and perfect. I have my concerns.

RavenTears42d ago

If you still want your nostalgic and perfect game just play the original FFVII. I enjoyed FFVII Remake regardless of the story changes. I want to see the direction this version is heading to.

Lore41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Exactly. This remake was one of my favorite games of all time. It is very rare when I play a game and never get bored and wonder when the journey is going to end. If they can add some better side quests and more open areas and freedom to sections of Part II then they are seriously on to something special.

Lionsguard41d ago

Then don't play it, jesus, is it really that hard?

tombfan41d ago

What are you talking about? The Remake was wonderful, and it's pretty much a new game, with the same-ish story

SyntheticForm41d ago

I thought it was mediocre and I wouldn't consider myself a purist, though I did and still do love the original.

I simply believe that a lot of the design choices could have been better, and the filler aspects were time wasting and didn't serve anything.

The "quests" were dull, time wasting, and lacked meaning. Every boring tired trope like 'drain the water to progress' was included.

The character dialogue was absolutely nauseating as well.

Pyrofire9541d ago

Nobody should read my ramblings, you've been warned.
I'm playing the original now, further than I ever have. (I've made it only to Aeriths and Sephiroths big scene before) Uhh the game is pretty ruff after Midgar at least for my taste. You go basically from scene to scene really quickly and they're not very fleshed out Berrets friend dies as soon as you meet him, it was a whole environment for Barret to be sad for a minute then see his friend kill himself. After Aerith leaves the party, you immidiately go snowboarding. The combat system doesn't feel nearly as good as others slightly more modern JRPGs or some that came before it. You don't get a big portion of the combat even explained until hours into the game and you go ff the path to some ghost bar where NPCs explain everything. A lot of cool stuff seems ridiculously hard to find without a guide or obsessively going over the whole planet repeatedly.
FF7 has a lot of cool stuff, the world, characters, overall story, music but a lot of the systems, progression, and hidden important content bog it down a fair bit for me.
For reference my 10/10 JRPGs is The Legends of Heroes series. They even kinda got a materia system that's the basis of the entire society. Sorry if I sound critical but I'm trying to think critically here and it's been somewhat of a chore to try to finish the game, trying to not use guides as much as possible too. (but that's pretty hard when there is a party member and major side story locked behind RNG and 5 specific dialog responses, which are slightly different if it happens when you play as Cid during the encounter instead of Cloud. I know because that's how far I got into the game before running into Yuffie.)
tldr: I think it'd be a shame to keep FF7s amazing story and world locked in the past behind a game that's hard to play after playing games with much better combat, structure and pacing.
Sorry this is way too much.

Vanfernal41d ago

I have to agree. FFVII started really strong as a cyberpunk story but after you leave Midgar it really loses steam. I hope they have a more focused approach for the remake going forward. And for those purists who want the original content untouched they can play Ever Crisis.

NecrumOddBoy41d ago

That is not what I meant. Fire and forget comment taken out of context. I really loved the FF Remake and I am all about extending the story and adding context to the characters. Square just has a history with getting a little out of hand with their IPs (FFXIII and KH) so I just want them to do good by this amazing game.

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no_more_heroes42d ago

Hopefully because he want to get started on KH4 sometime this century

Viking_mo41d ago

I think he confirmed a new kingdom hearts project for 2022 but I think its mobile related

MasterChief362441d ago

I don't know. One space Kingdom Hearts hasn't gone into is VR. So I'm fully expecting them to release a Kingdom Hearts game specifically for a niche VR headset that no one has yet. And it's, hilariously, going to be the one game that ties everything together in the way Kingdom Hearts III was meant to. But this time around, it will ACTUALLY be a conclusion, instead of adding tons of questions.

NukeDaHippies42d ago

Oh please, let this mean there'll be less Tetsuya Nmura bullcrap in the game. Lookin at you plot ghosts and any related developments...

enkiduxiv41d ago

Why are people so defensive about this? Remake was a good game, but it was marred by some awful plot devices. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see the next installment live up to the original a little more. Nothing wrong with criticism. If Part one is an 8/10 let’s get Part Two to be a 9/10.

NukeDaHippies41d ago

Yea, honestly most good things about the game (surprisingly good) didn't feel Tetsuya Nomura at all. If they can cut out the fat, there may be hope for the rest.

Harkins172141d ago

Nomura was tge one who wanted to keep the game more in line with the original. Kitase and Hamaguchi wanted more free reign to change things. Maybe actually know what you're talking about?

Eamon41d ago

This is untrue. It was Nomura who suggested to whole 4th-wall breaking with regards to multiple timelines and the whispers. The former was done well, but the latter was universally criticised. The whispers are destroyed now and I just hope it stays that way.

Kitase has always told the press that he always tried to keep a hold on Nomura while not restricting his creative vision. Ultimately, Kitase is the head of that development department so he has the final say.

Harkins172140d ago

@Eamon. There are plenty of interviews stating that Nomura is the one who wanted to keep it more faithful to the OG. Hamaguchi wanted to change it even more.

Harkins172141d ago

Try reading some interviews kid.

Knightofelemia42d ago

Cutting off the PS4 is a mistake since a PS5 is hard to find and the user base is still higher on the PS4 compared to the PS5. And Square knows this I expect this stunt from some chuckle head company like EA but SquareEnix pulling this is stupid bring Yuffie to PS4.

andy8541d ago (Edited 41d ago )

It's likely designed around the SSD so the PS4 wouldn't be able to run it. The OG version suffered badly with tunnelling and walking to load areas. This should be eliminated.

LucasRuinedChildhood41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Part 2 isn't coming out for years when there will be tens of millions of PS5s sold. Cutting off the PS4 is not a mistake.

NotoriousWhiz41d ago

Part 2 should be PS5 only. By the time it releases, anyone that wants a PS5 should be able to get one.

The DLC though.... That should have been on the PS4.

Master of Unlocking41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I agree, but it only says "Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will release on PS5 on June 10, 2021. No PS4 version appears to be planned at the moment", not that the game is never coming to the PS4. It better be coming, that wouldn't be right for PS4 owners who purchased FF VII Pt 1 otherwise.

But, what really matters to me is if Parts 2, 3 , 4 come out for the PS4,as I'm gonna be staying with my PS4 Pro for a while still.

MasterChief362441d ago

Square Enix's treatment of the Avengers game solidified them as just as chuckleheaded as any other company. They also produced The Quiet Man, which was an abject failure in every sense of the word. And let's not even mention their original vision for Final Fantasy XIV. They eventually turned it around completely, but the way it was handled prior to that, in addition to these other examples, should demonstrate that they are not a perfect company at all. They make a lot of mistakes. Just look up Final Fantasy ATB (All the Bravest) on mobile. That was also a major fustercluck.

CrimsonWing6941d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Look man, at some point things need to move onto next-gen and stop being cross-gen.

This Integrade game is like the equivalent of a Remaster on the next-gen console.

Knightofelemia41d ago (Edited 41d ago )


Sony ported Miles Morales to PS4 and they are also bring Horizon 2 to PS4 sure it might be clunky but it would be worth it since a PS5 is hard to get.


Look man yeah I am ready to move on so I'll write Sony an email and tell them to ramp up production on the PS5 so it's easier to find in the wild. Like they would ever read the email until that happens only option PS4 owners have is either pay the stupid price scalpers want for a PS5 or play the game on their PS4 until a PS5 is found.

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GoodGuy0942d ago

Please and thank you lol.

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