Devs Say Panzer Dragoon Zwei Remake Should Release This Year

The Panzer Dragoon Zwei Remake should be on the horizon, according to the game's developer Forever Entertainment.

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azedean46d ago

Why ? Rail shooters are something of the past, a remake of panzer dragoon saga will be better (a real remake not a remaster) I played it yesterday on my Saturn, it is absolutely ugly today on an lcd screen but still interesting.

dead_pixels46d ago

Why? Rail shooters may be a thing of the past, but it's easily one of the best ones ever released. The more people who get a chance to experience the game, the better.

Smbnokc8746d ago

They're still better than fortnite, cod, or even the last of us. They got replay value, they're fun, and they're challenging compared to the crap these days

someone7246d ago

I loved the remaster of the first one, and am eagerly waiting for this one.

Nothing wrong with rails, they let you focus more on the actual game instead of consistently being annoyed with the 360 flight mechanics. I actually prefer rail shooters. (Falconeer was good, but its controls are definitely more frustrating than the panzer games)

As for saga, id love to see a remaster of that. Sold my copies years ago, but want to play again. It does need a full on remaster though, it was actually quite ugly back in the 90s lol.

Escamotage45d ago

Panzer Dragoon Zwei is one of my favorite games of all time. It's one of the few reasons I still have my Sega Saturn.

This game was one of the first to take advantage of scale and giant-size boss fights before Shadows of the Colossus (another fav game) became influential for it.

BigTrain45d ago

Greetings my fellow lover of all things Zwei!!! Yes, definitely agree with you on this and still own 2 Saturns and this game to this day. One of the best games ever made and it's rarely talked about. Part 1 is talked about more than this and this game was phenoemenal. The main game that showed that the Saturn with a little development love could chew up and spit out 3D games.