TGR: Metal Slug 7 review


"Metal Slug 7 is clearly an enjoyable shooting experience...for one. That's right, portability comes at a price, as there is no multiplayer option in this game -- something that has been a mainstay in the series from the beginning. Players who live and breathe co-op play will most certainly be better off waiting until this timed DS exclusive hits Xbox Live Arcade. For the soloist, however, Combat School mode offers a number of challenges (eliminate all targets, collect all items, rescue all hostages, etc.) to be completed for points and self-satisfaction. It doesn't quite stack up next to a cooperative play option, but the goals do keep things interesting.

Metal Slug 7 makes for a grand old on-the-go gaming experience. It captures the essence and retains the integrity of the franchise for the tiniest of handheld console screens (although the touch screen is essentially ignored), and even though cooperative multiplayer has been omitted -- a significant blow -- the game is still very much worth playing for the solo enthusiast."

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