Guilty Gear Strive is 2021’s most important fighting game

After the closed beta and open beta, there's cause for cautious optimism for Arc System Works' next big entry in the Guilty Gear series - but concerns still remain about the overall experience.

Gav from Bits & Pieces asks: as one of the only big games releasing in the genre, can GGST put the scene on its back for 2021?

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Terry_B45d ago

Are you okay? KOF XV is coming out later this year!

Deathdeliverer45d ago

I had a blast on guilty gear strive and I’ve been playing the series since day one. Same for KOF and all the fighting games in its line. (And before it). Totally different styles of play, both equally anticipated by me. The real player off the bench is Hellish Quart. Please be under $20 AND come to consoles. Closest we can get to Bushido Blade. It’s not one of the before mentioned games, but man am I looking forward to it.

blackblades44d ago

Yeah, strive beta was my 1st time playing a GG. Its my most anticipated and looking at other people they all really enjoyed it.

fsfsxii44d ago

they turned !GG into street fighter. gg was never this slow

fonduktoe44d ago

Was a huge Blazblue fan but never played the GG series. Tried the beta and fell in love with it. Day 1 purchase for me.