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The PlayStation Brahs:

“Hitman 3 launched with an exclusive PSVR mode on the PS4. How does the world of Agent 47 translate to VR?”

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SullysCigar47d ago

It's beautiful. The controls aren't perfect, but playing in VR adds intensity and is well worth the trade off while we wait for PSVR2 and better control options.

badboyz0946d ago

Had the game tried playing in VR but the Dualshock4 controls hurt the game. Needs a PS move match.

toxic-inferno46d ago

Out of interest, how would you move around when using PS Move?

I don't have PSVR, and have only tried it once at a friend's house. However, I did have PlayStation Move back in the day, and you could get a navigation controller for that which had an analogue stick on it for movement. But I've never seen anything that suggests they are compatible with PSVR.

Stay-Toasty46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Warping or teleporting, I assume. It's really the only way to move in vr games with the move controllers unfortunately

toxic-inferno45d ago

@ Stay-Toasty

I assumed as much. I can't really see that working particularly well in Hitman, where movement is such a key aspect of the game.