Dinos will be Reborn on Xbox, PlayStation and PC in 2022

Neil writes: "We've had Jurassic World Evolution, we know that Dino Crisis is on the way back, and Second Extinction is kicking around in the background. But it seems like the dinosaur is the current love affair for many gaming devs, especially now that Dinos Reborn has been announced for console and PC."

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bacrec146d ago

I didn’t know about dino crisis thats awesome!

Vengeance113846d ago

Dino Crisis is not on its way back, only a Spiritual Successor called "Instinction" made by Hasbane.


Viking_mo46d ago

That's the only one im looking forward too. There is another but that's on PC for now still in development

Aussieguy45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

What about Horizon 2 on ps5, cant forget about that game with Dinosaurs 😉