DreamStation: FIFA Soccer 09 Review

DreamStation writes: "FIFA Soccer 09 is the yearly update to the ever popular FIFA franchise. The series has long been blasted as the more arcadey version of the beautiful game while its main competitor, Pro Evolution Soccer, has long been praised by those who worship at the altar of the game as the one game that gets it all right. I was in the latter group, but with the release of FIFA Soccer 09, my opinion has definitely changed.

The gameplay in FIFA Soccer 09 is definitely a step up from just about any soccer game that has come before it. The pace of the gameplay has definitely improved over FIFA Soccer 08, with players moving more realistically. The passing game has also been improved, with the CPU starting a run when it finds an opening, calling for the through pass. Players also carry their weight now, with the bigger guys being able to out jostle the smaller for position. This is especially important during header opportunities, as you actually feel like you are jockeying for position rather than standing static, waiting for the ball to come to you."

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