The Agnostic Future of Gaming is Coming

Will Heath provides an amazing insight into the world of gaming and how it can quite possibly have an agnostic future. From games like Horizon: Zero Dawn to Ori and the Blind Forest, games being shared across platforms is just becoming more and more common. What does that mean for players and developers, though?

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crazyCoconuts49d ago

No it's not. Exclusives are more important than ever. And if ppl think Streaming is the future, look at the video streaming industry - it's all about exclusive content trying to get your eyeballs and wallets. If anyone can play the same game the same way on any platform, what's to keep anyone on your platform? Or other platforms from cropping up that want to take a piece of your pie? Exclusives will still be a big deal in the future, just like they are now

Nodoze49d ago

If so, there will not be a point to any console.