New Pokémon Title Pokémon Legends Arceus Revealed

Hardcore Gamer: In quite a surprising announcement during the Pokémon presentation, we got confirmation of a Diamond and Pearl remake. But that’s not all taking place in the Sinnoh region. Pokémon Legends Arceus, a brand new title was revealed.

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Neonridr55d ago

I wonder if they borrowed the BOTW engine for this. Looks very similar.

Snookies1255d ago

I feel like Breath of The Wild looks way better graphically...

Neonridr55d ago

fari enough, it just has that feel. Maybe it's just Sword / Shield.

ABizzel155d ago

This looks extremely ROUGH, like it's still in early EARLY alpha or pre-production.

Army_of_Darkness54d ago

This looks like SH!T... This is seriously Nintendo's best representation of this game??! WTF?!

Thunder_G0d_Bane54d ago

Of course it does. Breath of the wild doesn’t have all the wildlife this pokemon game does. So it can’t keep the same visual fidelity as botw.

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meganick55d ago

The BotW engine is actually the Xenoblade Chronicles X engine.

Majin-vegeta55d ago

Hopefully Turn based battles is gone.Id like them to experiment with it on this one

SoulWarrior55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

From another snippet of gameplay it still appeared to be turn based,

Nebaku55d ago

Could be intentional misdirection though.

Remember when SwSh's first trailer made it appear like wild grass encounters would be returning, but instead pokemon were in the OW? Plus they explicitly stated "action rpg".

Thunder_G0d_Bane54d ago

No one wants live action pokemon battles. There’s more than enough games with that type of fighting. Considering that’s how final fantasy changed too.

Vits55d ago

Yeap. If you told me this was a fan project on Unity I would totally believe you.

Even the trailer composition look very amateur.

DarthMarvin55d ago

Music and sound effects, too. Bizarre.

-Foxtrot55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I like the concept, and I like the fact it's one game but even then it's like Sword and Shield, I don't see as much improvement.

Hopefully it's Beta footage because I can't see a reason why it would look like that, baron looking and a little lifeless.

Neonridr55d ago

Good news is we are at least a year away from release. Plenty of time to adjust and build.

-Foxtrot55d ago

...this is the EXACT same excuse people used for Sword and Shield

It didn't improve much, what we saw looks wise, frame rate, textures, animations, the way they world plays and the life that fills the scenery in those early trailers were basically what we got.

Neonridr55d ago

@Foxtrot - alright dude, be that guy.

-Foxtrot55d ago

What guy? A realist, a guy who takes and analyses a studios/companies past missteps to give a rough realistic estimate of what is most likely going to happen? Sure...that's me.

Rather be a realist than a blind drone who will take the bare minimum effort, even if I do always come off cynical.

Neonridr55d ago

@Foxtrot - why don't we just wait until the game releases? Why is it automatically doom and gloom from you? You saw a 15 second trailer with very little in the ways of combat or anything. And automatically "it's garbage".

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curtain_swoosh55d ago

i agree.
it didnt wow me away, i dont know why that is tbh. lack of talent or lack of experience .

D and P .. the chibi overworld decision is odd too lol

-Foxtrot55d ago

It’s sad because why not just work together with someone else to bring full on great looking D&P remakes instead of churning out so many things

Bruh55d ago

Bruh its Gamefreak, they're are still using their awfully archaic ass engine, it'll look like this as the final product minus the frame-rate dips

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