DreamStation: My Sims Kingdom Review

DreamStation writes: "Well this is my first review in sometime and I'm going to start off with My Sims Kingdom for the Nintendo Wii. Now I have played other Sims games in the past such as The Sims, The Sims 2 and some of the expansion packs but nothing like this. Hopefully this review can help a few people out there make up their mind if they want to buy it for themselves or some kids that need a gift.

Now for the story. Once upon a time there was a great kingdom, with many different lands and many different Sims. All the Sims and the lands were ruled by the kind and wise ruler, King Roland. To help protect his subjects King Roland ordered his wizard to make special scepters with magical powers. Those who wielded the scepter were called Wandoliers, and they kept the kingdom working well and the Sims happy."

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