We played Cyberpunk 2077 PC on an Xbox One CPU

Digital Foundry writes, "Since the arrival of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the dividing line between PC and console technology has become more of a blur - both last-gen and current-gen hardware from Microsoft and Sony are effectively integrated, customised PCs. Profoundly illustrating this is the arrival in Far Eastern markets of a PC motherboard that's actually based around the Xbox One processor. We've acquired one, tested it, and even run Cyberpunk 2077 on it - so what we have we learned from this bizarre experience?"

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Redlife2g43d ago

Seriously.. No one gives a shit.

anast43d ago

I enjoy the game and I don't even care.

Vegamyster43d ago

Then ignore it? The video has over 100k views and people in the comments love it.

cartoonx142d ago

well 130k viewers does, and you as well since you took the time to comment.

Redlife2g42d ago

I was waiting for some loser to make this comment 😂😂

Zhipp42d ago

Why comment if you don't care?

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Gamist2dot043d ago

One of DF boring segments. They should continue to focus on current gen console and latest graphics card game tests and comparisons.

Vegamyster43d ago

They have been on top of retro content and stuff like this.

BattleCat42d ago

Xbox one CPU isn't retro....

Profchaos43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

They have been milking that space pretty hard over the last 12 months but they push for as much content as possible which covers this to.

I see it as preparing a future machine to test how games which didn't make it to last gen machines will run for example the first year cod doesn't ship on X1 I'm sure they will make videos like but is the X1 capable

specialguest42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The video has 126K views as of yesterday. That's relatively a lot of views for their sub count. That means there's an audience for this type of tech focus content.

They should do whatever the hell they want to do. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

kryteris42d ago

it's a good example of how the ps4 will hold gaming back years to come.

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Pricey43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Despite what's claimed in the video the fact that the Xbox version performs better CPU wise than the equivalent PC spec running Windows does not prove cyberpunk is well optimized on concole. It's just a slightly more polished turd than it would have been if they just shipped the pc version on console. You can still argue that all versions are poorly optimised. They have such a hard on for ray tracing that I think it's the only reason they are defending this game. Ignoring the botched launch for consoles I still don't think id consider it one of the most technically impressive games of this gen.

SirBruce42d ago

So... with enought bandwith, fast buses and fast storage... Xbox One'd have been far better. Well, Kinect stole the budget for that.

BattleCat42d ago

Lol such a lie,that Kinect stole the budget.

cartoonx142d ago

well ps4 has the same cpu, yet it didnt have any "Kinect" stealing the budget.

SirBruce42d ago

Well, PS4 was 100 to 200$ cheaper in shops, depending on the country. It that is not kinect fault...

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