PS+ games for March: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Maquette, Remnant: From the Ashes and Farpoint

Critically-acclaimed RPG action, intriguing puzzles, tense sci-fi survival and PS VR combat await on March 2.

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Jin_Sakai43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

“Please note the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake available to PlayStation Plus members is not eligible for the PS5 digital version upgrade.”

Well that sucks.

TGGJustin43d ago

No. Square Enix likely said "We'll put it on PS+ but we're not letting you upgrade it." It's the type of thing they would do.
You're still getting an amazing game.

Eonjay43d ago

It really is an awesome game.

VenomUK43d ago

Look, Final Fantasy VII is an awesome premium game so it's great to have it included with PS Plus in March (I haven't finished it yet but plan to now.)

Square Enix want to maximise sales. Yes, it is shortsighted of Square Enix to not allow an upgrade because I don't think people who never bought it, then get it free will go on to buy the PS5 edition. However, there definitely would be a percentage of people who enjoyed FF7R as part of PS Plus who would have gone on to buy the new DLC. But I understand they just want to give this version to the people who paid for the game.

Also, a VR game included, about time! That underlines Sony's commitment to the platform.

LostinthePANIC43d ago (Edited 43d ago )


I agree. It's just super unfortunate that in order to play the DLC. You'll still have to buy the PS5 version of the game and then buy the DLC.

darthv7243d ago

I know I will get a lot of flak for this but I've never once played FF7. FF8 and 9... sure, but not 7. Having recently rejoined + so this will be my first time. Farpoint is one I want to play as well. I dont have the aim controller but it says I can play with the DS4.

Am I missing out on not using the aim?

RauLeCreuset43d ago


I think you are. The Aim controller is great, and that game was built to showcase it. (Always had a soft spot for FF8 btw.)

oof4643d ago

@darth: Why'd you skip 7?

VenomUK43d ago

@LostinthePanic One suggestion I read is that Square Enix may offer a paid upgrade route. But honestly, I will continue playing it next week.

frostypants43d ago

I mean it still sucks. The explanation for the sucking doesn't really change the fact that it sucks.

SullysCigar43d ago

^ @darthv27, as above, I'd definitely recommend playing with the Aim controller. Even borrow one or grab a second hand one if you must, but it's a game changer for Farpoint.

Also be sure to try the challenge, PVP and co-op modes - they're all pretty special.

Army_of_Darkness43d ago

I like how hard you try to downplay and find something negative out of something so awesome like this. This is fantastic! I was just about to get it on my ps4 so it's much appreciated by me at least!

mikeslemonade43d ago

PS Plus free games has lately been good again. They have been garbage for 2 years.

Ozzy240742d ago (Edited 42d ago )


Sony already shown there commitment to VR by announcing VR2 releasing in 2022

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CrimsonWing6943d ago

I mean they need to make money for their product.

Jin_Sakai43d ago

“I mean they need to make money for their product.“

We pay for PS Plus do we not? I’m sure the developers get paid for putting there games on the service.

WeAreLegion43d ago

But Sony is paying them money to put it on Plus. That's what they always do.

RauLeCreuset43d ago

How much do you pay for PS+? Let's be real here. This is a AAA game being put on PS+ a year from initial release. That PS+ sub is being stretched across other monthly releases and discounts. Don't let GP fool you. That's being subsidized to attract subscribers for what Xbox is hoping becomes a sustainable, primary business model for them.

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TylerID43d ago

Would I still be able to use the same save file though?

Teflon0243d ago

yes, it was confirmed in the announcement for the ps5 version.

philm8743d ago

It's a AAA game less than a year old, so just getting the PS4 version is pretty amazing.

outsider162443d ago

Well what do you glad i waited out on ff7..yeehaawww! I dont mind paying a small amount for an upgrade. Just got the full game for free anyway.

TFJWM43d ago

You can't upgrade the PS+ version of the game thou

Lmcreach43d ago

Why would anyone dislike this comment? You don’t want a free upgrade? You want to pay more? What’s wrong with people smh

ScootaKuH42d ago

I wanted to play this but didn't want to spend any money on it so now I have the chance. I don't really care that the upgrade isn't included, but after recently had Control Ultimate Edition on for PS+ it does seem a bit of an odd decision by Square.

1Victor42d ago

Excellent VR game this month I love far point if you haven’t play it yet get the light gun VR controller it makes it more immersive and satisfying than using a dual shock.

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TGGJustin43d ago

Amazing lineup. Sony been killing it with PS+ especially since the PS5 launched. Just amazing value all around

crazyCoconuts43d ago

And the fact that they've been giving away actual next gen games as well vs. the competition is a big differentiator. Also nice to see they're still throwing a bone to the VR customers.

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Sunny_D43d ago


Someone’s mad. You do understand the equivalent of PS Plus is GWG right? Which sucks. The same service MS were trying to increase the price without justifying the increase until people made them have to do a 180...

Hamzilla7743d ago

@TwinsUltra64 have all you want with that "service" but I know one thing you dont have.... FF7 REMAKE

crazyCoconuts43d ago

@twins, maybe PS players laugh every month when i see what you get for your $5/month with your XBL GoldPlate service. And maybe MS laughs when ppl pay $180/year to them and think they're getting the best value in gaming. Seems like there may be enough laughing to go around.

Juancho5142d ago


Youre literally boasting that you're able to play xbox games from generations ago. No one cares about playing old library of games. Maybe some people do but seems silly to call that "content", its literally just old games.

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Welshy43d ago

Far and away one of, if not the best months ever. Had an eye on Remnant for a long time so it's the perfect month for me personally.

Fist4achin43d ago

Remnant rocks! Souls type game with guns. Tad bit easier but definitely has some tough bosses. Enjoy!

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RazzerRedux43d ago

The lineup of games available to PS+ members who have been subscribed the past couple of years is very impressive.


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CaptainObvious87842d ago

Objectively, this is one of the best months of PSN Plus, and personally this might be the BEST month for me.

I've had FF remake and Remnant have been at the top of my 'too buy' list for a while now.

So happy.

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DeeeezNuuuts43d ago

Can't believe people are complaining that you don't get a free upgrade to the ps5 version of final fantasy.
People will literally complain about anything, the fact that it's only a year old game and we are getting it on plus is good enough for me.

TGGJustin43d ago

Not even a year old actually. Getting a big game for free this soon was likely to have some kind of drawback. People need to understand that.

monkey60243d ago

I don't think the free upgrade is really the issue. It's that you can't even pay for the upgrade on this version.

TGGJustin43d ago

Then buy the game? Chances are they'll still let you buy FF7 Remake on PS4 digitally even if you claim this much like they do every PS+ game. Then you can get your upgrade.

monkey60243d ago

I did buy the game, New, At launch. I then sold it last summer. I dont care to play it again anyway. If they had have allowed the upgrade to the plus game I might have paid for the DLC chapter but meh no loss for me.

I'll take Remnant and be happy

DeeeezNuuuts43d ago

Oh right, I didn't know that, that is a bit of a stupid move to be fair because I'm sure there would have been quite a few people who got it on plus who would have paid for the upgrade.
Thank for the info.

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LucasRuinedChildhood43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I want to play the 60fps PS5 version and I'm really not sure if it's a good idea to add this to my library.

I've checked and most of my PS Plus games can't be purchased after going to "View Product" - so adding this to my library will probably make the process of buying the cheaper PS4 version (to get the PS5 version) a pain, or even force me to buy it on another account (perhaps without a PS Plus discount).

They're listing the PS5 version as €80 (crazy) so I doubt they'll put the PS4 version on sale again for a while to stop new players from getting it cheaper (free upgrade) as well. Sigh. I should have bought it for €35.

An upgrade path would be appreciated.

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BattleCat43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

PS plus is king vs Xbox live gold
Gamepass is king vs PS now

And don't forget there is even a Nintendo online subscription. But for what :D you get almost nothing, that's Nintendo :)

execution1743d ago

Well its pretty hard to enjoy xbox games if you can't sign in

oakshin43d ago

To be fair I've played alot of games on psnow months before they got put on gamepass like doom eternal, control, Wolfenstein games just to name a few they get alot of the same games it's just if psnow gets a games it's swept under a rug 6 months later gamepass gets same game it's greatest thing ever

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sactownlawyer91643d ago

Psplus is better than gamepass and much cheaper. It destroys Xbox gold in every way so I don’t really wanna compare it to that.

Luc2043d ago

It's funny how they talk about gp but never about the games. It's like mantra gp gp gp! 😂